Insolvency Jobs Market Advertising

Insolvency involves the difficult intersection of accounting, business and law. Skills are needed to handle complex situations which invariably happen quickly, with immediate impact on a range of parties beyond the Insolvent.


Recruiting Staff

The ARITA website is a unique portal for members to recruit staff. This is both a service to firms which continually seek high quality staff and to individuals managing their careers.

Unlike a newspaper advertisement, you're not limited by space and you have the perfect demographics.

How does it work?

Job advertisements appear on the Jobs Market page of the web site.


The benefits of advertising on our site are simple:

  • perfect demographics
  • high visibility
  • longevity (60 days)
  • substantial space to make your advertisement effective
  • cost effective.

Format for Advertisements

We do not specify the layout of the advertisement. What we do suggest is that you include:

  • position title
  • location
  • position description and responsibilities
  • background on your organisation
  • income range
  • contact point (name, phone, email)
  • application deadline
  • application requirements.

Once your ad is ready email the details to ARITA's Marketing & Events Manager to organise the rest.  


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