About the ARITA Board

Board composition

ARITA Directors are nominated by the five member Divisions and the two accounting Foundation Bodies, with two additional Directors, one from the current President's Division and one appointed by the Board, and the Company (National) Secretary.

The Executive includes the President, Deputy President and Vice Presidents, who are elected to those positions by the Board, and the Company Secretary.

Past Presidents and ARITA-appointed INSOL International Directors attend Board meetings in an advisory, non-voting capacity, at the invitation of the Board.

Board responsibilities

The Board has primary responsibility for all activities of the Association.

Its role is to:

  • set the strategic direction for the association
  • approve the association's policies
  • monitor the performance of the association
  • ensure that the association is accountable to its members and complies with its external obligations
It carries out these responsibilities working with and through the Chief Executive Officer.