2017 Member Handbook

As our members will be aware, delivery of the 2017 ARITA Handbook has been delayed this year due to the Insolvency Law Reform Act.

The new Handbook will contain fully updated versions of all legislation. Due to late delivery of the final legislative instruments by the Government, and the subsequent work needed by our publisher on annotations, we don’t expect the Handbooks to be ready until late April. We remind all members to retain their 2016 Handbooks not just to cover for this necessary delay but also as an important historical record.

The 2016 Handbook is available currently, order details below.


2016 Member Handbook

The ARITA Member Handbook for 2016 will be distributed to all members upon renewal of their membership. It conveniently combines a number of important resources, including the 3rd Edition of our Code and our recently amended Constitution and Regulations, as well as key insolvency related legislation, regulations, forms and court rules. There is also a handy index to Australian Insolvency Journal articles since 2010 and the APES 330, Australian Insolvency Accounting Standard.

The Handbook is provided to all current ARITA members, who can also purchase additional copies for their staff. Non members can also purchase a copy of the Handbook, subject to availability.

Download the ARITA Handbook Order here

ARITA welcomes your feedback on the Member Handbook to keep it relevant to your professional needs.

Contents 2016 Edition

  • Preface
  • ARITA Constitution
  • ARITA Regulations
  • ARITA Code of Professional Practice
  • Corporations Legislation - Extracts
  • Bankruptcy Legislation
  • Cross-Border Insolvency Legislation
  • Rules of Court
  • Civil Dispute Resolution
  • Family Law
  • A New Tax System (GST) Act - Extracts
  • Taxation Administration Acts
  • Income Tax Assessment Acts
  • List of Forms
  • APES 330
  • Index — Australian Insolvency Journal
  • Index — Main

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