The Terry Taylor Scholarship provides a grant of up to $10,000 for a research project on insolvency law or practice.

ARITA established the scholarship to commemorate the contribution of the late Terry Taylor, a former ARITA President, to the development of ARITA as one of Australia’s leading professional associations.

Scholarship objectives

  • To promote research and learning in the area of insolvency law and practice
  • To promote equity of access in the insolvency profession
  • To promote the reputation of ARITA and its members

The Scholarship is awarded in accordance with the Scholarship Objectives on criteria as determined by the Scholarship Committee.

Past recipients

Recipients of the Terry Taylor Scholarship have conducted insightful research on insolvency that has influenced law and practice reform. Read about their projects.

How to apply 

Please send an email with a brief overview of your research topic to SpecialistTeam@arita.com.au


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Sponsorship foundation sponsors

Our sincere thanks go to our foundation sponsors for their contribution to the Scholarship.