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ARITA Advanced Certification

The specialist accreditation for restructuring and insolvency professionals

ARITA Advanced Certification is a specialist accreditation for those building their career – or who want to advance their already established career – in restructuring, insolvency and turnaround.

Aimed at practitioners with at least three years of experience, this postgraduate level course provides future specialists in their fields with the expert knowledge and skills that are essential to make their careers successful and rewarding.

It provides optional pathways for those wishing to practice formal insolvency or concentrate on restructuring and turnaround.

ARITA Advanced Certification is delivered in partnership with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), and is the only education pathway to becoming an ARITA Professional Member. 


Who should attend

This course is for restructuring, insolvency and turnaround professionals who want to:

  • Accelerate their careers
  • Receive formal recognition for expertise in their area of practice
  • Apply to become Registered Trustees or Liquidators
  • Become professional members of ARITA.


Admission requirements

There are no prerequisites for this course. However, we recommend you have three years’ experience in restructuring, insolvency or turnaround before commencing the course.

You will also benefit from completing the Introduction to Insolvency Program (IIP) and Essential Skills courses before commencing ARITA Advanced Certification.

Insolvency Education Program (IEP) graduates

If you have completed the IEP you may be eligible to complete the Advanced Restructuring and Turnaround subject to receive an Advanced Certificate in Restructuring and Turnaround.


Course structure

Advanced Certification course structure


ARITA Advanced Certification comprises three subjects:

Each subject comprises two components: a UTS component and ARITA workshops (except Advanced Restructuring and Turnaround which has no workshops).



The UTS component is delivered via online distance education so you don’t have to physically attend the UTS campus.

Workshops are offered in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Newcastle. If you live outside these cities you can complete the workshops online in an electronic classroom.


ARITA accreditation

On completion of the core subject and one elective ARITA will award you an Advanced Certificate in Insolvency or Restructuring and Turnaround.

You have the option to complete both the electives to receive dual certification i.e. an Advanced Certificate in Insolvency and Restructuring and Turnaround. 

Completion of the Advanced Certificate in Insolvency (Fundamentals of Restructuring, Insolvency and Turnaround and Advanced Insolvency subjects) will meet the specialist insolvency education requirements to become a registered liquidator or registered trustee.

Please note: while completion of the ARITA Advanced Certification is a pre-requisite for ARITA Professional membership, completion by itself does not guarantee you will be accepted as an ARITA Professional Member at any time in the future. Check the Membership categories and requirements for more information.



In 2017, the fee to complete ARITA Advanced Certification is $6,820 – two subjects at $3,410 each.

Completing an additional elective to receive dual certification is $3,410.

You must be an ARITA member to complete the course. Student membership is $180 per calendar year.

Quoted fees include GST. 


Time commitment

You should allow 6-12 hours per week (varies per subject) to complete the course requirements. Subjects run for 12 weeks plus a one-week study break. 



Associate Professor Jason Harris, co-author of the leading insolvency textbook, Keays Insolvency, leads the UTS team that develops and delivers ARITA Advanced Certification.

The UTS Faculty of Law has specialist staff with expertise in insolvency law and will draw on the expertise of staff from the UTS Business School and practitioners to ensure comprehensive, practical and relevant subject matter.

Insolvency workshops are led by experienced accountants and lawyers who specialise in insolvency.


How long do I have to complete my studies?

You have two years to complete ARITA Advanced Certification (core subject plus one elective).



Non-members of ARITA will be granted student membership during the registration process. This entitles them to an ARITA Handbook, full access to ARITA website resources and member rates at ARITA events. 


Graduate Certificate in Restructuring and Turnaround

UTS will offer students who have completed ARITA Advanced Certification the opportunity to continue their studies and obtain a formal university qualification: a Graduate Certificate in Restructuring and Turnaround. 


Frequently asked questions

Read answers to frequently asked questions.



Enrolments for the Advanced Certification electives, Advanced Insolvency and Advanced Restructuring & Turnaround (session 2, 2017), will open 1 May 2017.

Information about enrolling

Information for students who are part-way through the Insolvency Education Program

ARITA education courses cancellation policy



If you have any queries please see our frequently asked questions.

If you still have questions please contact the ARITA Education team on (02) 8004 4351 or

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