Customised training

ARITA is offering its members the option of ARITA's Specialist Insolvency Team preparing and presenting customised training to their staff.


Customised training will be offered on the following basis:

  • This training is only available on the request of an ARITA member.
  • The member must provide clear guidelines to ARITA about what training is required, including the length of any presentation.
  • The member may request a particular member of the ARITA Specialist Insolvency Team.
  • Development and presentation time will be charged at $300 per hour. If travel is required outside the Sydney CBD area, travel time will be charged at $150 per hour.
  • If the trainer is required to travel outside of the Sydney CBD area to present the training, the member must pay all travel and accommodation costs of the trainer.
  • The total cost for the development and presentation of the training will be agreed in writing prior to development of the training commencing.
  • The member or their firm is responsible for providing a suitable venue, audio-visual equipment (unless prior arrangements are made with ARITA) and catering.
  • Training can be organised for a date that suits the firm. However, it is subject to the availability of a member of the Specialist Insolvency Team and this is at the discretion of ARITA. 
  • ARITA retains the intellectual property in any training materials that are developed and ARITA may subsequently offer this training as a part of ARITA's standard or one-off training offerings or as in-house training for another member.


If you are interested in a customised training course for your staff, please contact ARITA's Education Team


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IMPORTANT:  Once development of the customised training has commenced, there will be a cost associated with cancelling or altering the terms of the customised training. The terms will be agreed with the member depending on the complexity and length of the training that has been requested. ARITA reserves the right to request payment of a portion of the total cost of the development of the customised training prior to development of that training commencing.