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 Reprimands issued for plagiarised content (14/07/2017) 

 ARITA / AFSA / ASIC Liaison Meeting - 14 June 2017 (10/07/2017) 

 Termination of ARITA Membership - Mr Ray Sutcliffe (29/06/2017) 

 ARITA Journal: Financial distress and mental health (21/06/2017) 

 Reforms to facilitate restructuring introduced (1/06/2017) 

 ASIC industry funding model: Exposure draft regulations released for consultation (8/05/2017) 

 Government Response to PC Inquiry into Business Set-up, Transfer and Closure (8/05/2017) 

 Expressions of interest: ARITA Young Professionals Committee (1/05/2017) 

 Bankruptcy and liquidation: A guide for people in business (27/04/2017) 

 ARITA / AFSA Liaison Meeting - 24 March 2017 (26/04/2017) 

 ARITA Journal: Sakr appeal decision on remuneration & perils of cloud accounting (28/03/2017) 

 Trustee Performance Standards (13/03/2017) 

 Major victory for reasonable and proper liquidator remuneration (10/03/2017) 

 Resignation of Brendan Nixon (10/03/2017) 

 Lodgement of CVL DIRRIs? Not till 1 September (7/03/2017) 

 ARITA's new templates for the ILRA (7/03/2017) 

 The ILRA is here (1/03/2017) 

 ASIC user pays - consultation paper released (23/02/2017) 

 Termination of ARITA Membership - Mr Ross McDermott (3/02/2017) 

 Announcing ARITA's National Partners for 2017 (2/02/2017) 

 ARITA achieves new protection for RLs against CoRA provisions (1/02/2017) 

 New remuneration rates for AFSA National Panel of Registered Trustees (31/01/2017) 

 Applications for registration as a liquidator (27/01/2017) 

 ASIC Draft RG - Registration, disciplinary actions and insurance requirements (19/01/2017) 

 ARITA's ILRA Commentary (18/01/2017) 

 Final Bankruptcy Rules Released (12/01/2017) 

 ARITA Advanced Certification: top students 2016 (22/12/2016) 

 FEG Deed Poll Amended (21/12/2016) 

 Final Insolvency Practice Rules (and related regulations) released (19/12/2016) 

 ARITA Journal: Ethics and professionalism (6/12/2016) 

 FEG Deed Poll & Questionnaires (24/11/2016) 

 ARITA comments on the draft Insolvency Practice Rules 2016 (14/11/2016) 

 Treasury releases ASIC user-pays model (9/11/2016) 

 AFSA Practitioner Inspections (8/11/2016) 

 Clarification on the use of indemnities (24/10/2016) 

 Insolvency Practice Rules released for consultation (12/10/2016) 

 Voluntary administrators resign following independence concerns (6/10/2016) 

 Referral of offences to ASFA by trustees (14/09/2016) 

 The risk of indemnities from related parties (12/09/2016) 

 Remuneration Payments from FEG (5/09/2016) 

 AFSA Online Lodgements (5/09/2016) 

 Beware insolvency leads for sale (1/09/2016) 

 IPs get more time to prepare for Insolvency Law Reform Act (29/08/2016) 

 ATO Garnishee Notices in VAs (29/08/2016) 

 Therapeutic Goods Regulation - Change or transfer of 'sponsor' (9/08/2016) 

 AFSA reviews non-professional expenses charged by practitioners (7/08/2016) 

 Discretionary Suspension of ARITA Membership - Randall Joubert (27/07/2016) 

 The end of the role of Official Liquidators (27/07/2016) 

 Updated Creditor Information Sheet - Offences (4/07/2016) 

 UK insolvency reforms proposed (26/05/2016) 

 Special Olympics Sports Lunches (3/05/2016) 

 Insolvency Law Reform Act (ILRA) 2016 Training (27/04/2016) 

 Excluded Employees - when is a spouse or relative not excluded (17/03/2016) 

 Bitter harvest - failed investments in agribusiness - Senate Committee Report (11/03/2016) 

 ISWG 2016 - Calls for expressions of interest (17/02/2016) 

 Insolvency Law Reform Bill 2015 passes the House (11/02/2016) 

 Insolvency Law Reform Act 2016 - Read all about it (3/02/2016) 

 ARITA offers training via new electronic classrooms (12/01/2016) 

 Inquiry into penalties for white collar crime (7/01/2016) 

 The need to respond to ATO demands (5/01/2016)