The ARITA Office is located in Sydney, and houses a small and energetic team that together offer a wide range of professional and association expertise, and many years of diverse experience.

Meet our team:

Chief Executive Officer

John Winter joined ARITA in February 2014. As Chief Executive, he is a member of ARITA Executive and is responsible for the execution of ARITA's strategic direction and the day to day running of the organisation.

Membership Manager

Rebecca Hadfield joined ARITA in November 2016. She is responsible for managing the national membership, including ongoing administration and renewals to new business development. Her objective is to always ensure that members continue to receive the highest quality in member services and benefits.

Financial controller

Anne Irvin joined ARITA in November 2014 and is in charge of ARITA’s accounts. Her role involves all matters financial.

Technical & Education Director

Kim Arnold joined ARITA as Technical Director in March 2003. In her capacity as Technical Director, Kim is responsible for assisting the National Committee with technical issues, writing submissions, liaising with legislators and regulators and developing training courses and materials for the Insolvency Education Program. In June 2015, Kim also took over responsibility for the strategic planning and development of ARITA's education program. Kim was awarded with the ARITA President's Award in 2015.

Legal Director

Mark Wellard is ARITA’s Legal Director. His duties include providing legal input into ARITA’s inquiry and consultation submissions, monitoring legal and practice developments in insolvency and restructuring, and writing technical content for the website and Journal.

Technical & Standards Director

Narelle Ferrier joined ARITA in February 2012. Narelle is responsible for overseeing compliance with ARITA's professional standards and the further development of the its education and continuing professional development programs.  She is also responsible for assisting with technical issues, formulating submissions and liaising with legislators and regulators.

Head of Operations (Education)

Raquel Bortoletto works closely with the Technical and Education Director to coordinate and ensure the smooth running of ARITA's education courses and training offerings.

Head of Marketing 

Silja Schoppmann joined ARITA in August 2013. Silja is responsible for the development and implementation of our marketing, events and communications strategy across the business, for our sponsorship and advertising relationships and for our website and print publications.

Events Manager

Catherine Spence joined ARITA in June 2015. As our Events Manager, Catherine works closely with the Head of Marketing in the detailed planning, organisation and delivery of ARITA’s Events program including Forums, Seminars, Networking Events and the annual National and Division Conferences.

Events Coordinator

Samantha Gaughan joined the Marketing & Events team in August 2016 as ARITA's Events Coordinator. Samantha works closely with the Events Manager in the administration, coordination and delivery of ARITA’s national events program and is also looking after the events related customer support.

Communication & Publications Manager

Charles Cuninghame works closely with the Head of Marketing to coordinate the organisation’s communication and publications, media relations and social media activities.

Accounts and Administration Assistant

Le Nguyen is responsible for assisting Members with access to the website, registrations and payments.