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 Safe harbour guidance (15/11/2017)  

 Guidance for members on the recovery of ASIC industry funding levy (15/11/2017)  

 Joinder of multiple defendants to liquidator recovery proceedings: Recent judgment and rules reform (13/11/2017)  

 Queensland Court of Appeal decision demonstrates the reach of existing ‘anti-phoenix’ provision (7/11/2017)  

 AFSA secondment opportunities (1/11/2017) 

 WA Court of Appeal delivers decision on liquidator independence (1/11/2017)  

 One-year bankruptcy bill introduced into Federal Parliament (19/10/2017)  

 ARITA releases research paper on liquidator independence (18/10/2017)  

 ASIC releases updated user pays information (11/10/2017) 

 ILRA and early destruction of books in court-ordered liquidations: NSW Supreme Court decision (29/09/2017)  

 ILRA: Second list of requested 'fixes' to legislation (29/09/2017)  

 Consultation on reforms to address illegal phoenix activity (28/09/2017) 

 Bankruptcy decision: Can a court extend the 60 days to apply to set aside a s 139ZQ notice? (26/09/2017)  

 ILRA FAQs - updated 26 September 2017 (26/09/2017)  

 Federal Court decision on PPSA and bailments: Is there a ‘PPS lease’? (22/09/2017)  

 New Compilation of Insolvency Practice Rules (Corporations) available (22/09/2017)  

 Federal Court decision: Linc Energy issues extend beyond mining and natural resources appointments (20/09/2017)  

 The safe harbour is now open (19/09/2017)  

 Government makes positive noises on DINs (13/09/2017) 

 Safe harbour and ipso facto reforms to become law (12/09/2017) 

 ARITA Journal: Robyn Erskine profile (12/09/2017) 

 Full Federal Court rules on asserted ‘abuse of process’ by presentation of debtor’s petition (7/09/2017)  

 Recovery of the ASIC user pays levy (6/09/2017)  

 New compilation of Insolvency Practice Rules (Bankruptcy) available (6/09/2017)  

 ARITA templates for ILRA released *updated 4 Sept* (4/09/2017) 

 ILRA: 1 September commencement uncovers more legislation errors (4/09/2017)  

 Updated information for stakeholders (1/09/2017) 

 Amendments made to Insolvency Practice Rules (Bankruptcy) (30/08/2017)  

 Amendments made to Insolvency Practice Rules (Corporations) (28/08/2017)  

 Trust decision in bankruptcy (24/08/2017)  

 ARITA precedent documents now available (22/08/2017)  

 Training Indonesian insolvency practitioners (22/08/2017) 

 Personal Insolvency Regulator newsletter (PIR): AFSA want your views (14/08/2017) 

 Hamish McCormick appointed AFSA Chief Executive and Inspector-General in Bankruptcy (11/08/2017) 

 Federal Court publishes reasons in Ten Network case (11/08/2017)  

 Life Memberships awarded at National Conference (10/08/2017) 

 Senate Committee Inquiry reports on Safe Harbour and Ipso Facto (9/08/2017) 

 Recent Court decision on third party payments and unfair preferences (9/08/2017)  

 Prohibition against COI member benefit: Court decision under existing law highlights ILRA changes (31/07/2017)  

 Requested ‘fixes’ to Insolvency Practice Rules (28/07/2017)  

 ARITA 2020: Our strategic plan (25/07/2017) 

 ARITA Mental Health Working Group - Industry representative required (25/07/2017) 

 Reprimands issued for plagiarised content (14/07/2017) 

 ARITA Templates for member consultation (12/07/2017)  

 ARITA / AFSA / ASIC Liaison Meeting - 14 June 2017 (10/07/2017) 

 Court considers failure of registered liquidators to renew registration on time (9/07/2017)  

 Has Australia been wrong ‘footed’ on the concept of a ‘provable debt’? (7/07/2017)  

 New version of s 60-20 (post-amendments) and guidance (3/07/2017)  

 ASIC User Pays commences (3/07/2017)  

 Termination of ARITA Membership - Mr Ray Sutcliffe (29/06/2017) 

 Insurance risks for CPA practices (28/06/2017)  

 Court uses slip rule to address ILRA commencement oversight (23/06/2017)  

 Administrators’ dismissal of employee held wrongful, but no order made for payment of entitlements (23/06/2017)  

 ARITA Journal: Financial distress and mental health (21/06/2017) 

 Safe Harbour/Ipso Facto model: Final consultation (21/06/2017) 

 Liquidation remuneration approval post-Sakr Nominees: Further guidance in NSW Court decision (20/06/2017)  

 ILRA s 60-20 issue fixed (19/06/2017)  

 Federal Court follows Re Amerind and Re ICS to deny employees priority out of trust assets (16/06/2017)  

 WA Supreme Court decision on s 553C set-off, contractual set-off and how the PPSA affects mutuality (12/06/2017)  

 Full Federal Court allows s 596A examination of liquidator (9/06/2017)  

 Court decision on preferences and third party payments: Bankruptcy vs corporate provisions (5/06/2017)  

 Sakr Nominees: Court decision fixing remuneration (2/06/2017)  

 The Common Reporting Standard - what does it mean for IPs? (2/06/2017)  

 Reforms to facilitate restructuring introduced (1/06/2017) 

 Reporting illegal acts - new accounting standard (1/06/2017)  

 NSW Court of Appeal considers classes in scheme of arrangement (31/05/2017)  

 AFSA releases new video on untrustworthy advisors (31/05/2017)  

 Trusts issues extend to DOCAs (30/05/2017)  

 Submission: Select Committee on Lending to Primary Production Customers (29/05/2017) 

 Change to the meaning of PPS lease (23/05/2017)  

 Productivity Commission Inquiry – Data Availability and Use (17/05/2017) 

 Government Response to PC Inquiry into Business Set-up, Transfer and Closure (8/05/2017) 

 ASIC industry funding model: Exposure draft regulations released for consultation (8/05/2017) 

 Submission to inquiry into Superannuation Guarantee non-payment (7/05/2017) 

 Report on Superannuation Guarantee non-payment (7/05/2017)  

 Amendments to resolve s 60-20 issue (5/05/2017)  

 Expressions of interest: ARITA Young Professionals Committee (1/05/2017) 

 Bankruptcy and liquidation: A guide for people in business (27/04/2017) 

 Administrator independence and 'holding' DOCAs under the microscope: WA Supreme Court decision (27/04/2017)  

 ARITA / AFSA Liaison Meeting - 24 March 2017 (26/04/2017) 

 Queensland environmental protection legislation trumps liquidators' disclaimer (20/04/2017)  

 Notices of winding up orders: ARITA seeks change to Federal Court (Corporations) Rules (18/04/2017)  

 ARITA Journal: Sakr appeal decision on remuneration & perils of cloud accounting (28/03/2017) 

 Distributing corporate trustee property & circulating security realisations: Victorian Supreme Court (27/03/2017)  

 ILRA: Guide to changes commencing 1 September 2017 (Corporate) (23/03/2017)  

 ILRA's 'split commencement' and new compilations of legislation (21/03/2017)  

 NSW Court of Appeal delivers judgment on liquidator remuneration (Re Sakr) (13/03/2017)  

 Trustee Performance Standards (13/03/2017) 

 Major victory for reasonable and proper liquidator remuneration (10/03/2017) 

 Resignation of Brendan Nixon (10/03/2017) 

 Lodgement of CVL DIRRIs? Not till 1 September (7/03/2017) 

 ARITA's new templates for the ILRA (7/03/2017) 

 The ILRA is here (1/03/2017) 

 ASIC user pays - consultation paper released (23/02/2017) 

 Fixtures and PPSA: NSW Court of Appeal upholds vesting of unperfected security interest (8/02/2017)  

 PPS: NSW Supreme Court rules on consequences of defective financing statement on VA (6/02/2017)  

 Termination of ARITA Membership - Mr Ross McDermott (3/02/2017) 

 Announcing ARITA's National Partners for 2017 (2/02/2017) 

 ARITA achieves new protection for RLs against CoRA provisions (1/02/2017) 

 ILRA: ARITA's concerns regarding proposals without meeting (31/01/2017)  

 New remuneration rates for AFSA National Panel of Registered Trustees (31/01/2017) 

 ARITA's advocacy reflected in Chain of Responsibility Statutory Guideline (30/01/2017)  

 Applications for registration as a liquidator (27/01/2017) 

 ILRA: Guide to changes commencing 1 March 2017 (20/01/2017)  

 ASIC Draft RG - Registration, disciplinary actions and insurance requirements (19/01/2017) 

 ARITA's ILRA Commentary (18/01/2017) 

 Committees of Inspection: ILRA fixes validity issue regarding separate meeting of contributories (18/01/2017)  

 ARITA's Concerns: Insolvency Practice Rules (Corporate) (18/01/2017)  

 Final Insolvency Practice Rules (and related regulations) released (18/01/2017)  

 ILRA: Eight changes commencing 1 March which are easily overlooked (18/01/2017)  

 Final Bankruptcy Rules Released (12/01/2017) 

 ARITA Advanced Certification: top students 2016 (22/12/2016) 

 FEG Deed Poll Amended (21/12/2016) 

 Final Insolvency Practice Rules (and related regulations) released (19/12/2016) 

 ASIC user pays proposals - ARITA's position (13/12/2016)  

 Leave to proceed with action against company in liquidation refused, despite insurance policy (13/12/2016)  

 ARITA Journal: Ethics and professionalism (6/12/2016) 

 FEG Deed Poll & Questionnaires (24/11/2016) 

 Queensland 'Chain of Responsibility' guideline released for public consultation (16/11/2016)  

 Insolvency Practice Rules - ARITA submission (14/11/2016)  

 ARITA comments on the draft Insolvency Practice Rules 2016 (14/11/2016) 

 Treasury releases ASIC user-pays model (9/11/2016) 

 AFSA Practitioner Inspections (8/11/2016) 

 Clarification on the use of indemnities (24/10/2016) 

 Insolvency Practice Rules released for consultation (12/10/2016) 

 Voluntary administrators resign following independence concerns (6/10/2016) 

 Latest NSW decision on liquidator remuneration provides further guidance (15/09/2016)  

 Referral of offences to ASFA by trustees (14/09/2016) 

 The risk of indemnities from related parties (12/09/2016) 

 Remuneration Payments from FEG (5/09/2016) 

 AFSA Online Lodgements (5/09/2016) 

 Beware insolvency leads for sale (1/09/2016) 

 IPs get more time to prepare for Insolvency Law Reform Act (29/08/2016) 

 ATO Garnishee Notices in VAs (29/08/2016) 

 Therapeutic Goods Regulation - Change or transfer of 'sponsor' (9/08/2016) 

 AFSA reviews non-professional expenses charged by practitioners (7/08/2016) 

 Discretionary Suspension of ARITA Membership - Randall Joubert (27/07/2016) 

 The end of the role of Official Liquidators (27/07/2016) 

 Updated Creditor Information Sheet - Offences (4/07/2016) 

 Search fees - NSW Sheriff (4/07/2016)  

 Senate inquiry into causes and consequences of the collapse of listed retailers in (21/06/2016) 

 Senate inquiry into white-collar crime (21/06/2016) 

 Improving bankruptcy and insolvency laws Proposals Paper (14/06/2016) 

 UK insolvency reforms proposed (26/05/2016) 

 How the interaction between bankruptcy and family law is applied (24/05/2016)  

 Court allows increase in remuneration claim (23/05/2016)  

 Corporate transparency - reform recommendations (20/05/2016)  

 Notifying Dick Smith's 7,300 creditors (19/05/2016)  

 A bankrupt mother left out of her son's will (19/05/2016)  

 Pay-roll Tax - WA (19/05/2016)  

 Care needed in accepting VA appointments (16/05/2016)  

 Special Olympics Sports Lunches (3/05/2016) 

 Selling a litigation claim, and s 447(2B) (2/05/2016)  

 ASIC and AFSA lodgments: ILRA 2016 (2/05/2016)  

 Lodgments - ASIC, AFSA and the Insolvency Law Reform Act 2016 (1/05/2016)  

 Insolvency Law Reform Act (ILRA) 2016 Training (27/04/2016) 

 Sons of Gwalia revisited (26/04/2016)  

 An inadvertent conflict - s 449C - ILRA 2016 (20/04/2016)  

 Challenges to appointments of liquidators (15/04/2016)  

 Bankruptcy does not release debts incurred by fraud (8/04/2016)  

 UK wrongful trading comparison (7/04/2016)  

 PPSA - Part IX and Part X debtors (6/04/2016)  

 Protection of offence referrals - the impact of the ILRA 2016 (4/04/2016)  

 The limits of the Fair Entitlements Guarantee (3/04/2016)  

 New Bankruptcy Court Rules, and impact of the Insolvency Law Reform Act 2016 (2/04/2016)  

 The external administration of trustee companies (24/03/2016)  

 Open access to data - Productivity Commission Issues Paper (23/03/2016)  

 NSW Supreme Court - Commercial Equity Seminars - 26 April and 5 May 2016 (23/03/2016)  

 Excluded Employees - when is a spouse or relative not excluded (17/03/2016) 

 Excluded Employees - when is a spouse or relative not excluded? (16/03/2016)  

 Bitter harvest - failed investments in agribusiness - Senate Committee Report (11/03/2016) 

 A dysfunctional company wound up - Sino Australia Oil and Gas (7/03/2016)  

 Conflict resolved - ARITA Code applied (6/03/2016)  

 ISWG 2016 - Calls for expressions of interest (17/02/2016) 

 Insolvency Law Reform Bill 2015 passes the House (11/02/2016) 

 Insolvency Law Reform Act 2016 - Read all about it (3/02/2016) 

 Insolvency Law Reform Bill 2015 (18/01/2016)  

 Bankruptcy trustees - AFSA's latest Personal Insolvency Regulator newsletter (17/01/2016)  

 ARITA offers training via new electronic classrooms (12/01/2016) 

 Charging for internal meeting rooms (11/01/2016)  

 Inquiry into penalties for white collar crime (7/01/2016) 

 The need to respond to ATO demands (5/01/2016) 

 Practitioner compliance with ATO demands (4/01/2016)  

 Proportionate remuneration allowed by SA Supreme Court (2/01/2016)  

 An inadvertent conflict (2/01/2016)  

 Liquidators required to resign and remuneration disallowed due to conflict issues (20/12/2015) 

 A bankrupt executor (14/12/2015)  

 PPSR business guide - 'Are you in Business?' (14/12/2015)  

 Vesting of a bankrupt's shareholding; independence (12/12/2015)  

 Section 588FA(2) - Tap Inn overturned - uncertainty continues (10/12/2015)  

 Enforcing a section 530B notice against a lawyer (8/12/2015)  

 Winding up a solvent company - Planet Platinum (8/12/2015)  

 Lawyers' conduct of insolvency litigation (15/11/2015)  

 Issues concerning the practitioner's independence (4/11/2015)  

 ATO updates PAYG Withholding variation (30/09/2015)  

 6 month suspension of membership - Mr Christopher Powell (22/09/2015) 

 Discretionary suspension of membership - Mr Vanda Gould (1/09/2015) 

 Termination of membership - Mr Christopher McCroary (24/08/2015) 

 Changes to Australia Post delivery times (29/07/2015)  

 Remuneration - proportionality, and public interest investigations (14/07/2015)