Insolvency & You

Every year, thousands of Australian businesses and individuals become insolvent, and face liquidation or bankruptcy, or - as it is more commonly known - go broke. Many more find themselves in financial trouble.

This can be traumatic for all involved: the directors, employees and creditors (those who are owed money), and for an individual facing personal bankruptcy.  

The key to working through the implications, and possibilities, is to engage the services of an insolvency professional, for whom ARITA is the professional association.

Insolvency Explained

How does it work?

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ARITA Members are highly skilled accounting and legal professionals. It’s their role to review the financial situation, and explain options such as refinancing, restructuring, or making a formal appointment.

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One of ARITA’s core objectives is to ensure the highest levels of ethical and professional standards.

If you believe an ARITA Member has failed to meet these standards, you may lodge a complaint.


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