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All ARITA practitioner members are bound by the ARITA Code of Professional Practice and required to maintain their professional expertise by completing a minimum of 40 hours of Continuing Professional Development each year.

A practitioner in the ARITA Professional Member category has also completed a course of specialist insolvency education, and is a current member in good standing of a Foundation Accounting Body or, if a legal practitioner, holds a current Practising Certificate.

At any time, if you are unsure of the results using this search feature please contact the Membership Manager either via email: membership@arita.com.au or phone: 02 8004 4344.


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Who should be an ARITA member?

Membership of ARITA is not required to practice in insolvency. Practitioners who take formal insolvency appointments include Registered Trustees in Bankruptcy, for personal and unincorporated business insolvencies, and Registered or Official Liquidators, for corporate insolvencies.

As at December 2013, 80% of all Registered Liquidators and 91% of all Bankruptcy Trustees in Australia were members of ARITA.

There are many professionals, para-professionals and managerial and administrative staff who also work in the insolvency sector.

Generally, credit managers and Part X Administrators are not ARITA members unless they are also Liquidators or Trustees in Bankruptcy.

What does a member category mean?

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