Membership applications

All membership applications are put through a rigorous screening process including approval by the local division committee from which the applicant resides and then by the ARITA Board of Directors.

All membership applications should be sent through as one complete document (less than 2MB) and must have all supporting documentation including: 

  • a detailed CV or Bio
  • Proof of employment such as: a letter/email from Principal of the Firm or HR confirming your current employment, position and start date.
  • Current letter of good standing / certificate from your membership association.
  • Supporting qualification documentation (eg: transcripts, certificates etc).


All applicants may be interviewed by their local division committee representative(s) or the National Membership Committee prior to their application being approved.

Processing time frames

Application processing times can vary depending on the date the application is received. 

Typically it can range from eight to twelve weeks, depending on the availability of the Division Committee to review the application and for the Membership Committee to provide final approval. Extended delays can occur during holiday periods or if the application is incomplete when submitted or if further information is needed.


ARITA is a public company, limited by guarantee. Our enabling charter is our Constitution.


For further information on membership read the ARITA Regulations by downloading them here.


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Application Forms

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Professional Member - Foundation Pathway

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All other categories - excluding Students.

Student Member


For information on the membership categories and their requirements please visit this page.