Making a complaint about an ARITA Member

ARITA members have an obligation to adhere to ARITA’s Code of Professional Practice which sets and manages standards of professional conduct.

Maintaining and improving professional standards is one of ARITA’s core objectives. ARITA has powers to investigate complaints and concerns against members in relation to their professional conduct as a practitioner. 
A concern is similar to a complaint, but arises from information available to ARITA about the professional conduct of a member as a practitioner other than by way of a complaint. 

Before submitting a complaint

ARITA is a membership of individuals and you will need to confirm that the practitioner is an ARITA member: Member look-up.
We also recommend that you attempt to resolve the issue directly with the practitioner.  

Matters we can investigate

As a voluntary professional membership body, we can only investigate matters that fall within our jurisdiction, such as breaches of the ARITA Code of Professional Practice.

Matters we can't investigate

We cannot investigate complaints in the following circumstances:

  • if the practitioner is not an ARITA member
  • that are a commercial dispute
  • more appropriate to be heard in an alternative forum, including matters subject to ongoing court proceedings or determined by the court (unless an adverse determination has been made regarding the member’s conduct)
  • that are unsupported by the documentary evidence available
  • that are made anonymously
  • that occurred more than five years ago
  • if the complainant does not have the authority to lodge the complaint

We also will not investigate vexatious or frivolous complaints.

Conduct procedures

All complaints must be lodged using the ARITA complaints form. It's important that you attach all supporting documentation when you submit the form.

More information on ARITA’s conduct procedures are set out in these documents. 

Behaviour not related to professional conduct

ARITA is also able to take action where it is considered that a member has brought the reputation or standing of ARITA or the insolvency profession into disrepute, even if the behaviour is not related to their professional conduct.
The matters are dealt with separately to the complaints and concerns procedures.