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 Submission: Insolvency reforms to support small business
 Small business insolvency reforms – Recognising the expertise of Registered Liquidators
 Media Release: ARITA welcomes Govt's proposed reforms – but careful review still required
 Termination of ARITA Membership – Mr Steven Naidenov
 ARITA Journal: Bankruptcy in focus
 Submission update: ALRC corporate criminal responsibility final report
 Reprimand issued following determination by ASIC Disciplinary Committee
 Submission update: ASBFEO Insolvency Practices Inquiry
 Submission: ASIC CRIS 2019/2020
 ARITA members COVID-19 issues - second survey (June 2020)
 Termination of ARITA membership – Ms Amanda Young
 Attention Qld IPs: Queensland Small Business COVID-19 Adaption Grant Program
 ARITA Journal: COVID-19 & the great lockdown
 Submission Update: MBR laws to implement DIN pass through Parliament
 Submission: Litigation funding and the regulation of the class action industry inquiry
 ARITA response to ASBFEO COVID-19 Recovery Plan
 Survey highlights COVID-19 challenges for the insolvency profession
 ARITA / AFSA / ASIC Liaison Meeting – 1 April 2020
 ARITA successfully contests access to conduct files
 Email account hacked: Please don't open emails purporting to be from 'Arita Admin'
 2020 Macquarie Bank Insolvency industry pulse check
 Vale Ross Duus – former ARITA President & Life Member
 6 things you can do for your mental health when facing financial distress
 Attention Qld IPs: Qld Government COVID-19 factsheet on business support initiatives
 Guidance for lawyers: Helping clients with companies in financial distress
 ARITA Journal: Creditor activism, the ILRA & unintended consequences
 Directors’ duties in uncertain financial times
 UPDATED: Guidance for accountants in public practice re clients with companies in financial distress
 Guidance for accountants in public practice: Helping clients with companies in financial distress
 COVID-19: ARITA event cancellations update
 8 essential steps if your business is in distress
 Submission: ARITA submission on s 444GA consultation paper
 Trish Talty memorial - Wednesday 4 March
 ARITA Young Professionals Committees EOI
 ARITA / AFSA / ASIC Liaison Meeting – 10 December 2019
 Submission Update: Bills to introduce DINs and modernise business registers pass House
 Submission: ARITA submission to ALRC corporate criminal responsibility discussion paper
 UPDATE: Combating illegal phoenixing bill passed
 Practice Alert: Recent insolvency research papers
 Vale Trish Talty
 Submission: ASBFEO Insolvency Practices Inquiry
 ARITA WA Division 2020 AGM
 ARITA NSW/ACT Division 2020 AGM
 ARITA SA/NT Division 2020 AGM
 ARITA Qld Division 2020 AGM
 ARITA Vic/Tas Division 2020 AGM
 ASBFEO insolvency inquiry highlights need for ARITA’s own Financial Recovery Law Reform Commission
 Further update on ASBFEO Insolvency Inquiry
 Court inquiry into liquidator’s conduct
 Reprimands issued for remuneration reporting deficiencies
 Submission Update: Bills to modernise Australia’s business registers back before Parliament
 ARITA Journal: Introducing the fourth edition of the ARITA Code
 Carnell/ASBFEO insolvency inquiry update
 Submission Update: Modernising Business Registers Business Advisory Group
 Anti-Phoenix Bill passes House of Reps
 Media reports of reviewing bankruptcy thresholds
 Code 4th edition training videos
 Submission Update: ALRC paper on Corporate Criminal Responsibility includes illegal phoenixing
 Automatic termination of ARITA Membership – Mr David Iannuzzi
 Suspension of ARITA Membership – Mr David Iannuzzi
 Termination of ARITA membership - Mr David Leigh
 Insolvency lawyers needed for Victorian Legal Services Board panel
 Media statement: Disappointment at another insolvency inquiry that misses the real issues
 Expressions of Interest: ARITA Technical Working Group
 Lecture to celebrate 25 years of cross border insolvency law reform
 ARITA Journal: The vexed issue of external administrators’ independence
 2019 National Conference wrap
 Solvent windings up aren’t that straightforward
 Overhaul of ARITA CPE requirements to support diversity
 ARITA National Partners 2019
 Financial Recovery 2020 – ARITA’s 8-point plan to strengthen the insolvency regime
 Renew or subscribe to ARITA Precedents
 ARITA / AFSA / ASIC Liaison Meeting – 4 June 2019
 Invitation to supply for panel of suppliers to conduct financial capability assessments
 ARITA Journal: Leading business coach Jack Crumlin reveals how to identify & nurture top talent.
 Spotlight on ARITA National Conference speakers
 New 2019-2020 ARITA Board
 Submission: ARITA submission to ALRC on corporate criminal responsibility terms of reference
 ARITA National AGM 2019: Notice of meeting
 Draft Taxation Determination TD 2019/D2
 Submission: Draft Cost Recovery Implementation Statement: ASIC industry funding model (2018-19)
 3 headline speakers announced for National Conference 2019
 Results of Qld Division Committee election
 ARITA NSW/ACT March 2019 Division meeting
 ARITA Vic/Tas March 2019 Division meeting
 ARITA WA March 2019 Division meeting
 2019/2020 WA Division Committee announced
 2019/2020 SA/NT Division Committee announced
 Results of Vic/Tas Division Committee election
 Submission update: Senate reports released on DINs and anti-phoenix bills
 Results of NSW/ACT Division Committee election
 Delegates praise 2019 SMP Conference on Hamilton Island
 ARITA Journal: An inside look at the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy with the Honorable James Peck
 Professional Conduct Committee determination – Mrs Suelen McCallum and Mr Riad Tayeh
 YP Committee applications open: closing 24 Apr 2019
 ARITA NSW/ACT February Division meeting
 ARITA NSW/ACT November Division meeting
 ARITA NSW/ACT October Division meeting
 ARITA SA/NT December Division meeting
 ARITA SA/NT February Division meeting
 ARITA SA/NT October Division meeting
 ARITA SA/NT September Division meeting
 ARITA Vic/Tas December Division meeting
 ARITA Vic/Tas February Division meeting
 ARITA Vic/Tas November Division meeting
 ARITA Vic/Tas October Division meeting
 ARITA Vic/Tas September Division meeting
 ARITA WA January Division meeting
 ARITA March Board meeting
 ARITA 2020: Our strategic plan
 ARITA submissions 2018
 Outcome of constitutional vote
 ARITA submissions on phoenixing and DINs
 ARITA / AFSA / ASIC Liaison Meeting – 13 December 2018
 Bankrupt Pharmacists - National Health Amendment (Pharmaceutical Benefits) Bill 2019
 Vote on proposed ARITA constitutional changes to improve Board representation
 Nominations open for 2019 Qld Division Committee
 Nominations open for 2019 SA/NT Division Committee
 Nominations open for 2019 Vic/Tas Division Committee
 ARITA November 2018 Board meeting
 Nominations open for 2019 WA Division Committee
 Nominations open for 2019 NSW/ACT Division Committee
 ARITA town hall meetings - save the date
 Mental health training programs launched for insolvency professionals
 ARITA WA November Division meeting
 ARITA Journal December 2018 edition
 ARITA SMP Committee meeting - November 2018
 ABC 7.30 Report: Illegal phoenixing
 ARITA WA September Division meeting
 Submission: Credit and financial services targeted at Australians at risk of financial hardship
 Video: ARITA Presidents on 25 years of National Conference
 Video: ARITA at Select Committee on Lending to Primary Production Customers
 Submission: Reforms to strengthen penalties for corporate and financial sector misconduct
 Life Membership and President's Awards presented at National Conference
 ARITA Submission: Combating Illegal Phoenix Activity
 ARITA Journal: ILRA one year on
 ARITA August Board meeting
 ARITA NSW/ACT September Division meeting
 ARITA / AFSA / ASIC Liaison Meeting – 19 June 2018
 Submission: Modernising Business Registers
 ARITA bankruptcy precedents now available
 Submission: Review of ATO's use of garnishee notices
 Submission: Draft Bill reforms to address corporate misuse of the fair entitlements guarantee scheme
 Media release: Clive Palmer moves to junk mail
 One Year Bankruptcy & Debt Agreement Amendments Recommended to Senate
 Submission: Transparency of business tax debts
 ARITA Journal: Personal insolvency in focus
 Termination of membership - Mr Justin Cadman
 More inclusive voting for ARITA members
 Submission: Superannuation guarantee integrity
 ARITA's submission on exclusions from ipso facto stay
 ARITA precedents - Release 2 available
 AGM Notice of Meeting
 Submission: Clarification, simplification and modernisation of the consumer guarantee framework
 Termination of membership - Mr Randall Joubert
 Ipso facto: Consultation commences on exclusions from stay provisions
 Termination of membership - Mr Ozem Kassem
 ARITA Journal: Celebrating 30 years of the Journal
 ARITA National Partners 2018
 PCC's Determination and Reasons for Decision - Korda, Nettleton and Villani
 ARITA submission on combatting illegal phoenixing
 Small-Medium Practice Conference 2018 early bird
 Suspension of membership - David Leigh
 The Essential Skills series has been expanded for 2018
 ARITA / AFSA / ASIC Liaison Meeting - 5 December 2017
 ARITA launches Safest Harbour ad campaign
 Media release: Senate Inquiry gets it wrong on rural receiverships
 ARITA Journal: Former Enron CFO interview
 AFSA secondment opportunities
 ASIC releases updated user pays information
 Consultation on reforms to address illegal phoenix activity
 Safe harbour and ipso facto reforms to become law
 ARITA Journal: Robyn Erskine profile
 Updated information for stakeholders
 Training Indonesian insolvency practitioners
 Personal Insolvency Regulator newsletter (PIR): AFSA want your views
 Hamish McCormick appointed AFSA Chief Executive and Inspector-General in Bankruptcy
 Life Memberships awarded at National Conference
 Senate Committee Inquiry reports on Safe Harbour and Ipso Facto
 ARITA Mental Health Working Group - Industry representative required
 Reprimands issued for plagiarised content
 ARITA / AFSA / ASIC Liaison Meeting - 14 June 2017
 Termination of ARITA Membership - Mr Ray Sutcliffe
 Safe Harbour/Ipso Facto model: Final consultation
 ARITA Journal: Financial distress and mental health
 Submission: Reforms to address corporate misuse of the fair entitlements guarantee scheme
 Reforms to facilitate restructuring introduced
 Submission: Select Committee on Lending to Primary Production Customers
 Productivity Commission Inquiry – Data Availability and Use
 Government Response to PC Inquiry into Business Set-up, Transfer and Closure
 ASIC industry funding model: Exposure draft regulations released for consultation
 Submission to inquiry into Superannuation Guarantee non-payment
 Expressions of interest: ARITA Young Professionals Committee
 Bankruptcy and liquidation: A guide for people in business
 ARITA / AFSA Liaison Meeting - 24 March 2017
 ARITA Journal: Sakr appeal decision on remuneration & perils of cloud accounting
 Trustee Performance Standards
 Major victory for reasonable and proper liquidator remuneration
 Resignation of Brendan Nixon
 ARITA's new templates for the ILRA