Jason Porter RITF

Jason is a Partner of SV Partners and has over 21 years’ experience in corporate and personal insolvency matters at leading insolvency and advisory firms, providing commercial advice to financiers, creditors and directors.

He has significant experience in bank advisory assignments for most of the major banks and second tier financiers, including trade on receiverships, security enforcement, property and going concern business sales, investigating accountants’ reports and pre-lending reviews. Jason is experienced at administering difficult and complex bankrupt estates and is regarded as one of the leading personal insolvency experts in Australia.

Since 2014, Jason has been an ARITA NSW/ACT Division committee member. He is also the chairperson of the NSW/ACT Division insolvency forums and an ARITA representative for new Bankruptcy Trustee/Liquidator application and disciplinary interview panels.

Jason has been a presenter at:

  • 2014 National Practical Bankruptcy Congress
  • 2015 ARITA National Conference
  • 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 ARITA NSW/ACT State Conferences
  • 2015 University of Technology Sydney (UTS) law class
  • 2018 AustLaw Family Law Specialist Meeting
  • 2018 ARITA SMP Conference

In 2017, Jason was made a Fellow of ARITA.