ARITA 2020: Our strategic plan

ARITA 2020 is our roadmap for taking ARITA through the next stage of our evolution.

ARITA’s 2020 strategic plan completes and extends our successful 2017 plan. It builds on the foundations of that plan, set out in 2014, while also contemplating the significant market challenges that lay ahead for the profession and for ARITA itself.

The conclusion of our previous strategic plan sees ARITA, as a business, now running efficiently, effectively and responsively for the benefit of our members, the profession in general and the community at large.

The new 2020 plan is the result of intensive facilitated sessions with the Board and ARITA staff. We’ve taken into account our history, our position in the market, our capacity and our vision for what we aspire to be.

The plan outlines a framework for progressive improvements that build on our already strong foundations. We’ve looked to challenge the organisation without over-stretching constrained resources.

ARITA’s 2020 Strategic Plan has been unanimously endorsed by the Board.

We commend this strategic plan to you. We hope that as an ARITA member – one of our owners – or as an ARITA stakeholder, you too believe that it sets us on a course for an exciting future.

Download ARITA 2020