Advanced Restructuring and Turnaround

Advanced Restructuring and Turnaround is an elective subject in ARITA’s Advanced Certification.

This subject covers all operational aspects of restructuring and turnaround, enabling students to develop skills applicable to restructuring assignments both within and outside a formal insolvency appointment.

This subject will not meet the specialist insolvency education requirements to become a registered liquidator or registered trustee. You will need to complete Advanced Insolvency.

The subject is offered in the second half of each year (session 2).


  1. Fundamentals of Restructuring, Insolvency and Turnaround

  2. If you’ve completed the Insolvency Education Program (IEP) you will be deemed to have passed Fundamentals of Restructuring, Insolvency and Turnaround. There is no time limit for recognition of prior completion of the IEP if you can show continuing professional development in insolvency, restructuring or turnaround in the intervening period.

  3. If you’ve obtained ARITA professional membership without completing the IEP and remain as a Professional Member, you are deemed to have fulfilled the prerequisites for this subject. Any deemed satisfaction of pre-requisite requirements by ARITA is not binding on UTS in respect of any further studies.


  • Identifying a viable candidate
  • Assessing the potential for turnaround
  • Getting the right management team and accurate financial information
  • Financing options
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Developing and implementing the plan
  • Refocusing the business
  • Process improvement
  • Implementing the longer-term business plan


  • Case study
    • Initial client advice letter
    • Research paper
    • Group strategy document
    • Individual presentation of group strategy


2020: $3,624.50 (incl. GST)

You must be an ARITA Student, Graduate or Professional Member to enrol for this subject. Read more about how to join ARITA.

Time commitment

You should allow 10-12 hours per week to complete the course requirements. This subject runs for 12 weeks plus a one-week mid-session break and a one-week study break.


1 CPE hour for every hour spent on the course.

Key dates 2019 and course outline

 Enrolments open    29 April 2019
 Enrolment closes    19 July 2019
 Subject begins    29 July 2019
 UTS Assessment task 1: initial client advice letter  28 August 2019
 Mid-session break    Week of 9 September 2019
 UTS Asessment task 2: research paper
 2 October 2019
 UTS Assessment task 3: group strategy document
 1 November 2019
UTS Assessment task 4: individual presentation of group strategy document  Week of 4 November 2019
 Subject ends    8  November 2019


2019 course outline

Enrolments for session 2, 2020 open 4 May 2020.

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