Electronic classroom

ARITA's electronic classroom ensures broader access to our high quality, professional, education courses.

This means that no matter where you are located around Australia, you are able to access ARITA education courses and receive the same learning experience as if you travelled to attend a face-to-face course – without the additional cost.

How does the electronic classroom work?

The courses are offered in real time, with a trainer presenting the training live to you. You can simply log into the classroom from your desktop with your unique logon and are able to:

  • Ask the trainer questions in real time.
  • Participate in discussions with the trainer and their peers.
  • Receive guidance from the trainer in real time as they work on the exercises.
  • Receive suggested solutions to the exercises as the training progresses.

We ensure class sizes are kept small, to ensure that you have the best learning experience.

Please note: 

  • The sessions are not recorded and will not be available to download.
  • Each registration for courses offered via electronic classrooms are for single viewer users only. Exhibition of this training to groups is strictly prohibited and in violation of our terms to service.

Attendee guide and system requirements

Attendees will join the sessions from our Learning Management System (LMS) . If more than one participant is attending from a firm, it is recommended that they attend the course at their own computer for the CPE allocation.

Our LMS uses the Zoom platform to run the sessions. Depending on which browser you use and what your browser settings are, you may be prompted with a couple of different options when you click the 'Launch' button:

  • If you have Zoom downloaded onto your computer or smart device: you may be prompted to click ‘open link’ or ‘start meeting’. Clicking on either of these options will take you into the live session.
  • If you DON’T have Zoom downloaded onto your computer or smart device: you can attend the training straight from your browser by clicking the ‘join from Your Browser’ link.

Please note: make sure pop-up blockers are disabled in your computer browser or mobile device.

Zoom platform
System requirements
Join a test session to test your system compatibility 

Participants will require a computer, microphone and speakers (headset recommended). For training courses with more than two hours of duration, a webcam is also required.


For any questions about training provided via the electronic classroom, please email our education team.