Essential Skills: Bankruptcy
Objections to discharge & reporting offences

Understanding how to object to a bankrupt's discharge, as well as investigate, assess and report offences, are vital skills for all professionals working in personal insolvency.
With the possible commencement of one-year bankruptcy, identifying non-compliance and lodging objections in a timely manner will become even more important to the proper conduct of a bankrupt estate.

This course covers the process for making an objection to discharge; relevant cases law; assessing and reporting offences; and AFSA's Pre-Referral Enquiries (PREs) process.

Learning objectives

At the end of this course you will be able to understand:

  • The grounds for lodging ad objection.
  • The objection process and its effect.
  • A trustee's obligations in investigating and reporting offences.
  • The process of referring offences for prosecution.

Who should attend?

  • Junior insolvency practitioners who want to build their knowledge of insolvency.
  • Senior insolvency practitioners who want to expand or refresh their knowledge of this topic.
  • Lawyers who want to understand this area of insolvency.


We recommend you have one year of on-the-job experience in personal insolvency prior to attending this courses.

Course format

A two-hour presentation covering the theory, plus at least one practical exercise to ensure understanding of the issues.


Members & non-members: $199 (GST incl.)


Up to 2 CPE hours. 

Please see our enrolment and cancellation policy . For further information contact our education team.