Essential Skills: Insolvency
Risk management

Taking control of a business as part of an insolvency appointment naturally exposes you to risks including physical hazards, financial loss and regulatory non-compliance.

This course will help you achieve a balanced approach to risk management when working on appointments. It provides insight into the key risk areas and provides a framework for identifying and managing risks.

Learning objectives

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the key risk areas in an appointment, including:
    • physical risks and hazards – WHS, public safety and liability, plant and product safety, fire safety, food safety and environmental requirements
    • financial loss – asset protection
    • regulatory compliance – environmental, licensing, etc.
  • Implement a risk management framework to identify, assess, control and review risks.
  • Understand when to engage external parties to help identify and manage risks.
  • Explain the role of insurance.
  • Adopt a risk management mindset and understand the importance of balancing risk in an appointment.


We recommend you complete the Introduction to Insolvency Program, or have one year of on-the-job experience prior to attending this course.

Course format

A two-hour presentation covering the theory, plus at least one practical exercise to ensure understanding of the issues.


Members & non-members: $199 (GST incl.)


Up to 2 CPE hours.

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