Essential Skills: Insolvency
Dealing with creditors' requests

Failure to deal with creditors and stakeholders’ requests in an appropriate and timely manner can have serious professional consequences for insolvency practitioners.

This course explains how to handle requests for information and meetings from creditors, regulated debtors, members, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders.

It covers the rights of stakeholders in different appointment types, your obligations to deal with requests, practical methods to manage and respond to requests, and common issues and challenges. This course also covers requests for information in personal insolvency appointments.

Learning objectives

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the rights of creditors and other stakeholders to request information and meetings in different appointment types.
  • Properly apply the reasonableness tests and notice requirements.
  • Understand the implications of failing to deal with requests appropriately.
  • Explore options available to deal with requests.
  • Understand relevant case law (if any) interpreting the requirements.


We recommend you complete the Introduction to Insolvency Program, or have one year of on-the-job experience prior to attending this course.

Course format

A two-hour presentation covering the theory, plus at least one practical exercise to ensure understanding of the issues.


Members & non-members: $199 (GST incl.)


Up to 2 CPE hours.

Please see our enrolment and cancellation policy. For further information contact our education team.
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