In-house training

ARITA is offering its members the option of ARITA trainers running the following training courses as in-house offerings:
  • Introduction to Insolvency (IIP)
  • Essential Skills


In-house training will be offered on the following basis:

  • This training is only available on the request of an ARITA member.
  • The course to be provided is a standard ARITA training course that is offered publicly. If the firm requests that the training be customised, there will be at an extra cost for the development of that training material and this cost will be agreed prior to work commencing on customising the training materials.
  • IIP: minimum of 10 attendees (or the firm pays for a minimum of 10 attendees if the firm does not have 10 staff in attendance), with each attendee over 10 at the additional per attendee price. Essential Skills: minimum of 15 attendees (or the firm pays for a minimum of 15 attendees if the firm does not have 15 staff in attendance)
  • Where there is differential pricing for subscribers/members and non-members, the lower member price will apply to all attendees as the training is arranged by an ARITA member.
  • 10% discount on total training cost.
  • The member or their firm is responsible for providing a suitable venue, audio-visual equipment (unless prior arrangements are made with ARITA) and catering.
  • Training can be organised for a date that suits the firm. However, it is subject to the availability of a trainer. ARITA has trainers located all around Australia. If ARITA does not have an experienced trainer in your location, there may be travel costs which will be agreed prior to the training being held. 
NOTE: Due to COVID-19 restrictions ARITA prefers to run in-house training online via electronic classroom. This can be discussed depending on the COVID-19 restrictions in each state at the time of the course.


If you are interested in an in-house training course for your staff, please contact the Education Team


IMPORTANT:  Please note that payment is required prior to posting materials (if applicable) or the training commencing.