Law Reform Training

All you need to know about the Insolvency Law Reform Act (2016) (ILRA) and Insolvency Practice Rules delivered by ARITA’s expert trainers.

The Insolvency Law Reform Act (2016) brings in a vast number of changes and a whole new layer of complexity to both the bankruptcy and the corporate insolvency regimes. Everyone in the profession will need to re-train to ensure they are up to date with the new requirements.

ARITA has ensured that we have the most comprehensive knowledge and insights in the ILRA. No one has deeper expertise in the ILRA than ARITA and our aim is to now ensure that ARITA members are able to leverage this knowledge to ensure you and your firms are prepared and compliant for its commencement.

Before the ILRA fully comes into effect, ARITA will be offering structured and accessible training sessions to keep you fully and accurately up to date. From February - August 2017, our expert trainers will deliver a series of short courses to provide you and your staff with the relevant knowledge and essential training that you need to work under the new law.

Specialised courses

Three courses on creditors, corporate administrations and personal administrations available for members and non-members. Three targeted training sessions that will ensure you and your staff are prepared for the commencement of stage 2 of the ILRA in September 2017:

Dealing with creditors under the new law

Corporate insolvency administrations   

Personal insolvency administrations

Attend all three courses or choose your area of interest and specialisation.

Stage two of the ILRA is principally about the conduct of insolvency administrations and will significantly affect your day to day practice. ARITA's specialised courses will bring IPs and the wider industry up to date on what’s particularly relevant for their day to day work.

If you have any questions regarding the Law Reform Training, please contact ARITA.

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