ARITA and Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

At ARITA, Professional Members are required to calculate their CPE over a three-year period. This ensures that those needing to take career breaks can do so without threatening their membership requirements. 

As detailed in the ARITA Regulations, all Professional Members are required to undertake 30 hours of verifiable CPE per triennium and a total of 120 hours of both verifiable and non-verifiable CPE over the three years.

Your regulatory requirements

If you’re a registered liquidator or registered trustee, you will also need to be aware of the CPE guidance that has been developed by AFSA and ASIC.

Law society requirements

If you’re a lawyer, please ensure you check your CPE/CPD requirements with the applicable law society.

What is verifiable and non-verifiable CPE?

In the ARITA Regulations, Verifiable CPE is defined as education that meets all four of the following requirements:

1. the learning activity was relevant to the member's current or future career
2. was a structured learning activity in which there were clear learning objectives or outcomes when attending or completing the activity
3. the learning activity assisted in the development of their professional competency
4. they are able to provide proof of attendance or participation in the activity.

Non-verifiable CPE is defined as being typically the reading of, watching or listening to subjects which are relevant to your career. 

Verifiable and non-verifiable CPE could include the following:

Keep track of your CPE

As part of our ARITA Learning Centre any CPE activities (verifiable and non-verifiable) undertaken with ARITA will be automatically recorded on your ARITA profile.

Plus you can also input CPE activities that you’ve completed external to ARITA, allowing you to keep a record of all your CPE in one place

Free CPE

As an exclusive member and subscriber benefit, we offer a certain number of free CPE hours every year. In 2021 we delivered a number of online forums, gaining ARITA members and subscribers up to 7 free CPE hours.

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