Requesting a letter of good standing

Current Professional and Associate Members of ARITA may request a letter of good standing.
All members requesting such letters must have been a Professional or Associate Member of ARITA for 2 years or more. 

Members must provide proof of verifiable CPD hours for the previous 3 years with their request to show they have achieved compliance with clause 2.1 (c) of the ARITA Regulations. Letters will not be granted without proof of CPD.

Subject to regulation 2.1(d) and 2.1(e), to maintain Membership, a Professional Member must complete during each triennial from the anniversary of their joining ARITA, a minimum of 120 hours of continual professional education (CPE), of which 30 hours must be verifiable. 

Members requesting letters of good standing reaffirm that they are not currently the subject of disciplinary proceedings by a regulator or relevant professional body (other than ARITA). Members also give permission for ARITA to verify the accuracy of the provided information.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for a letter to be prepared. 

For further information or to request a letter of good standing, email the Membership Manager

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