The pandemic has put every Australian business under pressure. ARITA is no exception. We’ve had to adapt, innovate and persevere so we can continue to deliver support and guide our members.

In our response to COVID-19 we have focused on 7 main areas:

  1. Timely updates:  We’re committed to keeping you informed, updated & educated
  2. Embraced change: We've rapidly evolved our business model
  3. Connection: We remained connected with key stakeholders & upheld ARITA’s reputation
  4. Two-way street: We've asked you & you've asked us
  5. Walked the talk: We've followed our own advice
  6. Lobbying & advocacy: We've got your back, every step of the way
  7. Looking forward: We've remained committed to the now with an eye to the future

Download and read our Responding to COVID-19 document  

On this page you will also find information sheets, news items and other resources to assist ARITA members in dealing with COVID-19.
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