How to find a properly qualified bankruptcy or insolvency adviser – look for RITP & RITF

How to find expert professional advice on corporate insolvency, personal bankruptcy and business turnaround.

ARITA Professional Members (and the even higher grade Fellows and Life Members) are the most highly qualified business turnaround and insolvency experts. Many are also qualified as personal bankruptcy experts.

Unfortunately, too many ‘advisers’ who might approach you if you are in financial distress, or who you find through Google, are unqualified and unregulated.

Getting expert and professional advice is vital to getting the best outcome. And, importantly, going with people who promise everything for nothing rarely ends well.

How do I know if someone is qualified to give me advice?

ARITA Professional Membership is the best way of ensuring someone holds extensive education, experience and is held to highly regarded professional ethics standards.

Your first step is to choose a firm of advisers. Look at the biographies of the partners and principals of their firm and check to see if they have RITP or RITF after their names or mention they are ARITA Fellows or Professional Members.

All ARITA members are held to a high standard of ethics and conduct by the ARITA Code of Professional Practice. The vast majority of ARITA Professional Members are also fully qualified accountants or lawyers. All are deeply experienced in business and/or personal financial recovery.

Many ARITA members will also be registered liquidators (regulated by ASIC) or registered trustees in bankruptcy (regulated by AFSA).

Untrustworthy advisers will not be ARITA Professional Members or registered liquidators.

Member look-up

If you’ve found the name of a potential adviser, check their ARITA membership by typing their surname in our member look-up.