ARITA launches ‘The Safest Harbour’ ad campaign

ARITA is about to begin rolling out advertisements promoting why directors of distressed companies should only engage with ARITA Professional Members.

We believe this campaign will benefit all ARITA Professional Members because:

  • Hopefully, it will start directors thinking about seeking help earlier. Regardless of if this means they can avail themselves of a safe harbour protection while you help them recover their business, or if it simply means they come to you for a VA or liquidation while there are still some assets left to work with, we think this is an important step.
  • It differentiates ARITA Professional Members from unqualified advisers – especially aiming to dull some of the activity of pre-insolvency advisers.
  • It promotes ARITA Professional Members as not simply working on business shutdowns.

While we readily accept that there will be few safe harbour engagements in the SME space, we believe that safe harbour and our ‘The Safest Harbour’ campaign can start to change the discussion and the professional image of all ARITA members.

Where will the ads appear?

A limited pre-Christmas run of the ads will appear in legal and accounting journals (and online) to target referrers, and also in the Australian Financial Review to target directors.

We are also looking at running ads in industry journals where insolvency is a problem such as the franchising industry.

What can you do?

  • Ensure that you use your ARITA postnominals: RITP – Restructuring Insolvency and Turnaround Professional for Professional Members or RITF – Restructuring Insolvency and Turnaround Fellow for Fellows.
  • Ensure that your online profiles (including your staff profiles) – such as on your firm website and LinkedIn – proudly display you’re an ARITA Professional Member.

Please note, firms cannot use the ARITA logo on their firm websites as we are not able to ‘certify’ firms as CA, CPA and the Law Societies do under your practicing certificates. ARITA only has individual members.

Other resources?

Safe harbour guidance for ARITA Members

Safe harbour factsheet for company directors  – we recommend you include this in your own marketing efforts for independent guidance for directors.