ARITA precedents - Release 2 available

ARITA is pleased to announce that Release 2 of ARITA's precedent suite is now ready.

Release 2 includes the following documents:

  • checklist and precedents for members' voluntary liquidations
  • checklist and precedents for receiverships
  • checklist and precedents for deeds of company arrangements, and
  • checklists and workpapers for independence, DIRRIs, remuneration, pre-appointment considerations and finalisation for all administration types.
Release 1 checklists have also been updated to include references to any new applicable checklists and workpapers.

Users cannot subscribe to Release 2 without firstly subscribing to Release 1 as many documents are used across administration types. From 1 September 2018, the licenses will align for Release 1 and Release 2 with one annual licence fee to access all corporate insolvency checklists and precedent documents.

Based on the stronger than anticipated take up of Release 1, we have been able to significantly reduce the cost of licensing Release 2.

Firm size

Previously planned annual cost of Release 2

Part year licence fee - Release 2 (to 31 August 2018 - GST exclusive)

1-2 partners



3-5 partners



6-10 partners



11+ partners



Information about licensing Release 1 

Work has now commenced on Release 3 (Bankruptcy) and we anticipate that Release 3 will be completed and available in the third quarter of 2018.

If you are not currently a subscriber and are interested in subscribing, or you currently subscribe to Release 1 and would like to extend your subscription, please contact [email protected].