Applications for registration as a liquidator

ASIC has issued the following communication to Registered Liquidators recommending that practitioners planning on seeking registration delay until the new regime commences on 1 March. Noting that potential applicants were unlikely to receive this, we are republishing this for the awareness of all members. If you know of a colleague who is considering applying for their RL status, please draw this to their attention.

“You're likely aware that, a new Registered Liquidator (RL) registration regime commences on 1 March 2017. From this date, a new committee assesses and determines new registration applications. Also, the Official Liquidator (OL) designation ends on the same date. This means that, from 1 March 2017, the current application process ceases for both RLs and OLs.

Please note that, given the short period until 1 March, ASIC could not complete a full assessment of any new application for registration such that it could register an applicant before that date. In these circumstances, ASIC encourages anyone intending to apply for registration, to do so after 1 March 2017 under the new regime. This would save the applicant time in only having to submit one application.”