Discretionary suspension of membership - Mr Vanda Gould

In accordance with clause 8.3(a)(ii) of the ARITA Constitution, ARITA has indefinitely suspended the membership of Mr Vanda Gould, a Sydney practitioner, following comments made by Justice Perram in his decision in Hua Wang Bank Berhad v Commissioner of Taxation [2014] FCA 1392 whereby he determined that Mr Gould owned and controlled the five offshore companies in the case and concluded that “the facts … strongly suggest widespread money laundering, tax fraud of the most serious kind and, possibly in some instances, insider trading”.

Mr Gould has advised ARITA that he is appealing the decision of Justice Perram.

The suspension of Mr Gould’s membership is subject to any appeal decision and/or other provision of the ARITA Constitution.


15 Sep 2015
On the basis that the matter under consideration does not relate to Mr Gould’s professional conduct as an insolvency or turnaround practitioner, ARITA has determined to accept Mr Gould’s resignation of his ARITA membership effective from 15 September 2015.