IPA Disciplinary Proceeding – Mr Atle Crowe-Maxwell

IPA Disciplinary Proceedings were commenced against Mr Atle Crowe-Maxwell as a result of administrative action commenced by ASIC in relation to allegations that he failed to disclose relationships in 105 administrations in which he consented to act jointly with Mr John Lord.  The administrative action resulted in Mr Crowe-Maxwell entering certain undertakings with ASIC.

Section 16.6 of the IPA Constitution specifically prescribes that if disciplinary or legal proceedings are determined in a manner which is adverse to the member, but do not have the effect of suspending or terminating the member’s right to practice, the National Committee may in its discretion and having regard to the IPA Regulations suspend or terminate membership of the member, impose a penalty as prescribed in the IPA Regulations, or attach one or more conditions to the member’s membership.

Having duly considered ASIC’s reasons in this matter, the IPA has determined that no penalty should be imposed on Mr Crowe-Maxwell by the IPA.

The IPA has written to Mr Crowe-Maxwell cautioning him about his conduct and reminding him of his obligations under the IPA Code and the law, but noting the undertakings and submissions made on his behalf by his lawyers as to his future conduct.

The IPA has notified Mr Crowe-Maxwell, ASIC and his accounting membership body, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, of its determination.

The IPA Board resolved to report this decision and its reasons in accordance with IPA Regulation 25.