ISWG 2016 - Calls for expressions of interest

Professional associations are heavily reliant on their members to develop and grow. In 2013, ARITA, then the IPA, established the Insolvency Special Working Group (ISWG) to work with its Insolvency Specialist Team to seek resolutions to specific problems, contribute to submissions, or provide input in specific areas of expertise. The ISWG has provided invaluable assistance to the Specialist Team since its establishment. ARITA is now looking for expressions of interest from members to participate in the 2015 ISWG. The group will be open to all ARITA members who meet the selection criteria.

Responsibilities of this Working Group

Projects will vary depending on particular issues being considered by the Insolvency Specialist Team. 

Time Commitment

The time commitment required by the members of the ISWG will vary depending on projects being undertaken by the Insolvency Specialist Team and whether assistance is required. 

Not all members of the ISWG will be required to work on every project and at the time of commencing a new project, members of the ISWG will be consulted as to who has available time and expertise to contribute.

Essential Selection Criteria (you must have)

  • Membership of ARITA
  • Relevant insolvency experience
  • A good understanding of insolvency law and practice and 
  • An interest in contributing to the development of professional standards and insolvency reform.

We are looking for members of ARITA from a variety of backgrounds, including accounting, law, banking and academia.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should email their resume, highlighting areas of expertise or particular interest, and a brief overview of why they believe they would be a valuable contributor to the ISWG to:

Kim Arnold
Technical Director

Expressions of Interest are welcome at any time.  For further information please contact Kim Arnold via email.