Insolvency Law Reform Act (ILRA) 2016 Training

ARITA will be providing a series of training courses on the practical implications of the ILRA 2016. 

Although the ILRA 2016 has received royal assent and is expected to commence on 1 March 2017, the Insolvency Practice Rules are yet to be released and as they will contain much of the detail to support the ILRA 2016, we are delaying the development and roll out of any training until the full picture can be provided.

The courses that ARITA will offer will range from high level through to detailed courses on issues such as:

  • understanding the rights of creditors and requirements for reporting to creditors
  • the new regulatory regime for liquidators and trustees, and
  • creditors meeting and committees of inspection.

We will also update our Professional Standards  courses on Remuneration and Independence for the new law.

We know how important this training will be to our members and their staff and we will keep you advised.