Life Membership and President's Awards presented at National Conference

Our 25th Anniversary National Conference Dinner saw 3 attendees recognised for their contributions to ARITA.

David Lombe - Life Member

There is no higher distinction for any membership-based organisation than to be recognised by Life Membership. It is the highest compliment that a professional body can offer to one of its members. Until recently, ARITA had just 18 Life Members, including some of the true greats of our profession.

At the National Conference Dinner on Wednesday 24 October 2018, David Lombe was announced as the 19th Life Member of our organisation.

David became an ARITA member in 1995. He then joined ARITA’s Board in 2006 as the representative of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (as it was then, now CAANZ) and has been CAANZ’s appointee ever since.

David has been highly committed to ARITA at all times.

Quite aside from having such longevity of service on the Board, in those dozen years, David has played a pivotal role in shaping ARITA. During his term on the Executive where he served as Vice President, Deputy President and, most importantly, as President from 2013 to 2015, David led us through some of our most challenging periods, including our repositioning as ARITA, some significant financial challenges and the transition of CEOs to our current CEO John Winter.

It is clear to the Board that David has created a significant legacy that is worth recognising with our highest award.

Anthony Elkerton - President's Award recipient

Anthony served as NSW/ACT Division Committee Treasurer from 2009, latterly taking on the role of organising the Division's education activities. The NSW/ACT Division runs more forums and networking events than nearly all of the other Divisions combined. Anthony's efforts in this space were defining.

Anthony joined the ARITA National Board in 2013 and served until 2015, where he was a passionate advocate for those in small practice. He continues to serve on ARITA's Professional Conduct Committee, one of the most important and toughest roles within ARITA.

In all of his ARITA committee roles, Anthony has brought a pragmatic and reasoned voice that has helped guide and shape ARITA to what it is today. Aside from that, Anthony is a highly regarded practitioner in a small to medium practice. Some of Anthony’s recent, high profile appointments including recently Adrian Zumbo’s food empire, the very colourful former Sydney Deputy Mayor, Salim Mehajer, Swan Group and Big Un Limited.

He is an inspiration and role model to others in small practice. Globally, he’s also a member of the INSOL International Small Practice Issues Committee.

Tianne Nagy-Jones - President's Award recipient

Tianne joined the Vic/Tas YP Committee in 2013 and became its inaugural chair two years ago.

Tianne has been the main driver of the success of our Vic/Tas Young Professionals Committee. Under her leadership and inspiration, the Vic/Tas YPs have gone from strength to strength. Their events and activities are truly first class and always well attended. The YP group is deeply engaged with the Melbourne market and is providing a vital pathway for those up and coming in the profession, facilitating their pathway to becoming ARITA Professional members and beyond.