Liquidators required to resign and remuneration disallowed due to conflict issues

ARITA has reviewed the appointment of ARITA Members Mr Ian Hall and Mr John Giddens to Engineered Surface Preparation Pty Ltd (In Liquidation).

Following careful consideration of this matter by ARITA’s Professional Conduct Committee and its National Board, it has been determined that:

  1.  Mr Hall and Mr Giddens should immediately call a meeting of creditors or apply to the Court for a replacement practitioner to be appointed, and should only continue as the appointee if the Court so determines (or as the Court may otherwise order).
  2.  Subject to any determination of the Court, Mr Hall and Mr Giddens repay all remuneration drawn in this matter and not draw further remuneration.
  3.  Mr Hall and Mr Giddens undertake ARITA’s independence workshop by 30 June 2016.