Remuneration Payments from FEG

Practitioners are reminded of the requirement to ensure that they do not “double dip” in relation to FEG Remuneration and that any amount received from the Department of Employment (DE) is allocated to the Administration. 

Work undertaken in relation FEG distributions must be appropriately identified in practitioners' time recording system, including an adjustment for any direct payments from DE. The ARITA Code of Professional Practice (at 15.4.1) confirms that there is no restriction on the administration being charged for the shortfall from FEG distributions on the basis that all remuneration claimed is necessary and properly incurred in accordance with the Code

While money received from DE is not subject to creditor approval and can be paid directly to the practitioner, any shortfall must be appropriately approved in accordance with the relevant legislation prior to drawing. In seeking creditor approval for any shortfall, practitioners must provide separate disclosure of the total time charged, DE receipt(s) and any shortfall amount in the remuneration report.