Reprimands issued for plagiarised content

ARITA encourages and welcomes its members broadly communicating its material with appropriate acknowledgement. This wider communication helps educate the broader community which is a key aspect of ARITA’s strategic plan.

That said, ARITA has taken formal disciplinary action against two members who published an article containing material almost identical to an earlier article published by ARITA, without attributing the source of the content.

Following consideration by ARITA’s Professional Conduct Committee, the members have been formally reprimanded.

Plagiarism is a very serious issue. ARITA monitors and enforces against plagiarism in all aspects of our endeavours including amongst our students. When Professional Members engage in plagiarism it is ARITA’s view that this sets an extremely poor example for the profession quite aside from the commercial issues that may attach.

ARITA continues to ensure its members uphold the highest levels of integrity in accordance with the ARITA Code of Professional Practice.