Save time, stress & money with ARITA precedents

Get access to a library of 410 industry best practice letters, forms and checklists covering almost all aspects of corporate insolvency and bankruptcy.

Compliance – ARITA Specialists update the precedents for all legal and regulatory changes, so they're always current and compliant. Checklists help you save time and minimise risk.

Efficiency – Create high quality documents and checklists with the click of a mouse. Improve consistency and minimise errors.

Flexibility – Microsoft Word and Excel templates allow you add your firm's branding. Customise documents with drafting options and alternative content.

Key features

Corporate insolvency – 219 precedent documents cover CVL, court liquidation, MVL, VA, DOCA and receiverships. Checklists for these appointments, plus meetings, proposals, dividends, COI, trading on, sale of business, employees, investigations and assets.

Bankruptcy – 168 precedent documents cover bankruptcy, PIA and section 73 compositions. Checklists for these appointments plus meetings, proposals, dividends, income contributions and COI.

Stress-free compliance – The ARITA Specialist Team continually update the precedents and checklists for all legal and regulatory changes. So you can have peace of mind that all documents are compliant.

Flexible and easy-to-use document templates – All templates are provided in Microsoft Word or Excel format. This makes it easy to add your firm's branding and create and edit the required documents on demand.

Checklists to keep every administration on track – Checklists itemise all key tasks for each appointment type. 'Bolt-on' checklists cover optional and commercial matters e.g. meetings, proposals and dividends.

Flexible & plain English – All precedents are written in easy-to-understand plain language. They cover both mandatory and optional requirements so they can easily be tailored to each individual administration.

Annual subscription – You get the benefit of these industry best practice precedents and checklists for an annual licensing fee.


Annual license fees (ex. GST) are as follows:

Firm size

Corporate insolvency


1–2 partners/principals



3–5 partners/principals



6–10 partners/principals



11+ partners/principals




Subscriptions run from 1 September to 31 August.

Please note: ARITA precedents are only available to firms where at least 75% of partners/principals are ARITA Professional Members.

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