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 High Court to hear appeal on ‘holding’ DOCAs

 Leave to proceed against insurers of insolvent companies: Federal Court decision

 The Essential Skills series has been expanded for 2018

 Applying the ‘proportionality’ principle: Victorian Supreme Court decision on remuneration

 Can a bankrupt sue for income earned during the bankruptcy? Victorian Supreme Court decision

 ARITA / AFSA / ASIC Liaison Meeting - 5 December 2017

 ACT Supreme Court considers role of Australian representatives of UK trustee in bankruptcy

 Setting aside statutory demands: NSW Court of Appeal decision

 Transparency of business tax debts: Exposure draft legislation released for consultation

 Applying for directions post-ILRA: Federal Court considers ‘new’ and ‘old’ legislation

 Debt Agreement Reform Bill Inquiry: Exposure draft available

 ‘Ordinarily resident in Australia’: Full Federal Court decision on controlling trustee authority

 New compilation of Federal Court (Corporations) Rules available

 Insurer’s liability for insolvent trading claim: Victorian Court of Appeal decision

 Third party payments and preferences in bankruptcy: Full Federal Court decision

 ‘Evidentiary value’ of a company’s books and records: Victorian Supreme Court decision

 Court voids transfer of real estate from bankrupt to spouse, dismisses trust claims

 ARITA launches Safest Harbour ad campaign

 Court decision regarding trustee’s obligation to call meeting to consider s 73 proposal

 References to ‘old’ (pre-ILRA) legislative provisions: Interpretation legislation may assist

 Debt Agreement Reform Bill referred to Senate Committee

 Liquidators allowed remuneration for work done under invalid appointments: Federal Court decision

 Media release: Senate Inquiry gets it wrong on rural receiverships

 Liquidators' claim for remuneration and expenses out of trust property: Qld Supreme Court decisions

 Amendments made to Federal Court (Corporations) Rules

 ARITA Journal: Former Enron CFO interview

 One-year Bankruptcy Bill referred to Committee: Report due March 2018

 WA Court of Appeal decides whether general security interest attaches to terminated-DOCA fund

 Joinder of multiple defendants to liquidator recovery proceedings: Recent judgment and rules reform

 AFSA secondment opportunities

 One-year bankruptcy bill introduced into Federal Parliament

 ARITA releases research paper on liquidator independence

 ILRA and early destruction of books in court-ordered liquidations: NSW Supreme Court decision

 ILRA: Second list of requested 'fixes' to legislation

 Consultation on reforms to address illegal phoenix activity

 New Compilation of Insolvency Practice Rules (Corporations) available

 Safe harbour and ipso facto reforms to become law

 ARITA Journal: Robyn Erskine profile

 Updated information for stakeholders

 Amendments made to Insolvency Practice Rules (Corporations)

 Training Indonesian insolvency practitioners

 Personal Insolvency Regulator newsletter (PIR): AFSA want your views

 Hamish McCormick appointed AFSA Chief Executive and Inspector-General in Bankruptcy

 Life Memberships awarded at National Conference

 Senate Committee Inquiry reports on Safe Harbour and Ipso Facto

 Requested ‘fixes’ to Insolvency Practice Rules

 ARITA Mental Health Working Group - Industry representative required

 ARITA 2020: Our strategic plan

 Reprimands issued for plagiarised content

 ARITA / AFSA / ASIC Liaison Meeting - 14 June 2017

 Termination of ARITA Membership - Mr Ray Sutcliffe

 ARITA Journal: Financial distress and mental health

 Reforms to facilitate restructuring introduced

 ASIC industry funding model: Exposure draft regulations released for consultation

 Government Response to PC Inquiry into Business Set-up, Transfer and Closure

 Expressions of interest: ARITA Young Professionals Committee

 Bankruptcy and liquidation: A guide for people in business

 ARITA / AFSA Liaison Meeting - 24 March 2017

 ARITA Journal: Sakr appeal decision on remuneration & perils of cloud accounting

 Trustee Performance Standards

 Resignation of Brendan Nixon

 Major victory for reasonable and proper liquidator remuneration

 ARITA's new templates for the ILRA

 Lodgement of CVL DIRRIs? Not till 1 September

 The ILRA is here

 ASIC user pays - consultation paper released

 Termination of ARITA Membership - Mr Ross McDermott

 Announcing ARITA's National Partners for 2017

 ARITA achieves new protection for RLs against CoRA provisions

 New remuneration rates for AFSA National Panel of Registered Trustees

 Applications for registration as a liquidator

 ASIC Draft RG - Registration, disciplinary actions and insurance requirements

 ARITA's ILRA Commentary

 Final Bankruptcy Rules Released

 ARITA Advanced Certification: top students 2016

 FEG Deed Poll Amended

 Final Insolvency Practice Rules (and related regulations) released

 ARITA Journal: Ethics and professionalism

 FEG Deed Poll & Questionnaires

 ARITA comments on the draft Insolvency Practice Rules 2016

 Treasury releases ASIC user-pays model

 AFSA Practitioner Inspections

 Clarification on the use of indemnities

 Insolvency Practice Rules released for consultation

 Voluntary administrators resign following independence concerns

 Referral of offences to ASFA by trustees

 The risk of indemnities from related parties

 Remuneration Payments from FEG

 AFSA Online Lodgements

 Beware insolvency leads for sale

 IPs get more time to prepare for Insolvency Law Reform Act

 ATO Garnishee Notices in VAs

 Therapeutic Goods Regulation - Change or transfer of 'sponsor'

 AFSA reviews non-professional expenses charged by practitioners

 Discretionary Suspension of ARITA Membership - Randall Joubert

 The end of the role of Official Liquidators

 Updated Creditor Information Sheet - Offences

 UK insolvency reforms proposed

 Special Olympics Sports Lunches

 Insolvency Law Reform Act (ILRA) 2016 Training

 Excluded Employees - when is a spouse or relative not excluded

 Bitter harvest - failed investments in agribusiness - Senate Committee Report

 ISWG 2016 - Calls for expressions of interest

 Insolvency Law Reform Bill 2015 passes the House

 Insolvency Law Reform Act 2016 - Read all about it

 ARITA offers training via new electronic classrooms

 Inquiry into penalties for white collar crime

 The need to respond to ATO demands

 Liquidators required to resign and remuneration disallowed due to conflict issues

 6 month suspension of membership - Mr Christopher Powell

 Discretionary suspension of membership - Mr Vanda Gould

 Termination of membership - Mr Christopher McCroary

 Termination of membership - Mrs Tina Battye

 Termination of Membership - Mr Andrew Wily

 Discretionary Suspension of Membership - Mr Peter Macks

 Former liquidator charged with obtaining money by deception

 ASIC cancels liquidator's registration

 Termination of Membership - Mr Pino Fiorentino

 NSW liquidator ceases practice

 Termination of membership - Mr Stephen Jay

 ARITA member suspended - Mr Pino Fiorentino

 Liquidator's registration suspended for 6 months

 Suspension of membership - William (Bill) Hamilton

 Off-market sale of assets to a former company director & co-owner

 Liquidator required to resign and remuneration limited due to conflict issues

 Failure to comply with remuneration reporting requirements

 Termination of Membership - Mr Andrew Dunner

 IPA Member suspended

 Licence agreement to enable continuation of trading

 Appointment commenced by fictitious director

 Termination of IPA Membership - Mr Peter Grealish

 ASIC cancels registration of Sydney liquidator

 The value of owning property free of the co-owner-bankrupt - member comments

 Bankruptcy trustees removed

 Invalid remuneration approval

 Breach of statutory and IPA independence requirements

 Failure to report to shareholders or take action in relation to director's conduct

 Termination of IPA Membership - Mr Ian Struthers

 ASIC accepts undertaking from Sydney liquidator

 ASIC cancels Melbourne liquidator's registration and bans him from managing corporations

 Concerns regarding validity of appointment and admissability of claim

 Failure or refusal to convene a meeting of creditors in accordance with the request of a major credi

 IPA unable to investigate complaint subject to a Deed of Settlement

 Use of inappropriate methods for asset collection

 Sydney liquidator agrees to cancellation of registration

 Termination of IPA Membership ??? Mr Geoffrey Turner

 ASIC cancels Sydney liquidator's registration

 ASIC releases new information guides on reporting misconduct

 IPA Disciplinary Proceeding ??? Mr Atle Crowe-Maxwell

 Former liquidator???s banning reduced by agreement with ASIC ??? Mr Paul Pattison

 IPA Disciplinary Proceeding ??? Mr John Lord

 Withdrawal of complaint due to alleged threat of legal action

 VA of corporate group - Disclosure following pre-appointment involvement and fee resolutions

 ASIC's enforcement outcomes

 Sydney Liquidator prevented from practising

 Former Liquidator Stuart Ariff sentenced

 Former director convicted of insolvent trading

 Registration cancelled - failure to lodge annual statement

 Stuart Ariff Banned for Life

 ASIC Proceedings against Insolvency Practitioner