Broadcast: Mental health - the great taboo in the workplace?

Cheryl-Anne Laird, Director, Livingstones

Our workplaces are a representation of our communities. With the rising incidence of mental health issues in the community, we ought to expect a commensurate rise in mental health issues impacting on our workplaces. 

However, many workplaces either chose to remain oblivious or alternatively are struggling with how the workplace and its participants can interact positively with employees who are experiencing mental health issues. The fear of doing more harm can be crippling. 

It is trite to say, but mental illness is an illness. Yet many employers see it as something different, something to fear and something that is too sensitive to address and a ‘no go zone’. There are things that employers can do to assist employees remain at work, return to work, or better yet minimise the risk of mental illness arising from events in the workplace. 

This presentation will focus on raising awareness of mental health signs and will explore practical interventions which will assist in managing mental health issues in the workplace and keeping employees in employment.

This session is broadcasting live from Brisbane. Attendees will be able to see and hear the presentation live, and ask questions from their location in Cairns.


Wednesday 18 October


Registration and lunch from 12.30 pm; Presentation 12.45 - 1.45 pm  


Grant Thornton, Level 13, 15 Lake St, Cairns 


$30 member, $46 non-member (GST incl.)


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18/10/2017 - 18/10/2017
Cairns, Australia

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