ARITA submissions

ARITA makes a number of submissions to government on a wide range of insolvency and related matters.

These include proposed policy changes, parliamentary inquiries, productivity and other commission inquiries.

The CEO and ARITA's Specialists liaise with the Board, Divisional Committees and ARITA members when researching and preparing these submissions.
 Bankrupt Pharmacists - National Health Amendment (Pharmaceutical Benefits) Bill 2019

 Submission: Credit and financial services targeted at Australians at risk of financial hardship

 Submission: Reforms to strengthen penalties for corporate and financial sector misconduct

 ARITA Submission: Combating Illegal Phoenix Activity

 Submission: Modernising Business Registers

 Submission: Review of ATO's use of garnishee notices

 Submission: Draft Bill reforms to address corporate misuse of the fair entitlements guarantee scheme

 Submission: Superannuation guarantee integrity

 ARITA's submission on exclusions from ipso facto stay

 Submission: Clarification, simplification and modernisation of the consumer guarantee framework

 Ipso facto: Consultation commences on exclusions from stay provisions

 One Year Bankruptcy & Debt Agreement Amendments Recommended to Senate

 ARITA submission on combatting illegal phoenixing

 Submission: Transparency of business tax debts

 ASIC releases updated user pays information

 Safe Harbour/Ipso Facto model: Final consultation

 Submission: Reforms to address corporate misuse of the fair entitlements guarantee scheme

 Submission: Select Committee on Lending to Primary Production Customers

 Productivity Commission Inquiry – Data Availability and Use

 Submission to inquiry into Superannuation Guarantee non-payment

 Senate inquiry into causes and consequences of the collapse of listed retailers in

 Senate inquiry into white-collar crime

 Improving bankruptcy and insolvency laws Proposals Paper

 Response to Productivity Commission draft report on Business Set-Up, Transfer & Closure

 Parliamentary inquiry into bank practices

 ASIC's Administration of Enforceable Undertakings - Audit Report tabled

 Productivity Commission inquiry into Business Set-up, Transfer and Closure

 ARITA submissions - Personal Property Securities Act review

 Inspector-General of Taxation - Report on ATO's Debt Recovery

 Unclaimed moneys - ARITA submission

 ARITA submission on APES 330

 Submission to Treasury on CAMAC MIS Discussion Paper

 Inquiry into the Performance of ASIC

 AFSA's review of the statement of affairs

 ARITA's submission to the Financial System Inquiry

 IPA Submission on Insolvency Law Reform Bill 2013

 NSW Inquiry into Construction Industry Insolvency - discussion paper

 Review of Debt Agreements

 APES 330 - six monthly review

 Bankruptcy Amendment Bill - Farmer's Grants

 Managed Investment Schemes

 Phoenix Activity

 IPA Submission Insolvency Options Paper

 Sons of Gwalia Bill - IPA member comment invited

 Recent IPA submissions - Productivity Commission; Bankruptcy Regulations

 Senate Committee inquiry - IPA's second submission available

 IPA comments on ASIC's insolvent trading guide

 IPA's ten submissions made in 2010

 Model OH&S Legislation - IPA submission

 IPA submission on bankruptcy proposals - June 2009

 Personal property securities - IPA submission

 Corporate technical insolvency reforms - IPA submission

 Personal Property Securities - Corporations and Other Amendments Bill 2009 - IPA comments

 GST (submission to Board of Taxation)

 APES 215 (submission to APESB)

 Issues in External Administrations (CAMAC) - IPA Submission

 Insurance requirements for Registered Liquidators - IPA Submission

 IPA submission to CAMAC - Sons of Gwalia

 Client Legal Privilege - IPA Submission

 Bankruptcy Offences - IPA Submission

 Anti Money Laundering - IPA Submission

 Director's Penalties Submission

 Insolvency Law Reform - IPA Submissions