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 Practice Alert: Global insolvency reforms for COVID-19 crisis
 6 things you can do for your mental health when facing financial distress
 Practice Alert: URGENT reforms & responses required for COVID-19 changes
 Practice Alert: Court availability and access during COVID-19 restrictions
 Attention Qld IPs: Qld Government COVID-19 factsheet on business support initiatives
 Guidance for lawyers: Helping clients with companies in financial distress
 Practice Alert: Coronavirus Economic Response legislation commences
 ARITA Journal: Creditor activism, the ILRA & unintended consequences
 Practice Alert: Temporary relief for financially distressed businesses
 UPDATED: Guidance for accountants in public practice re clients with companies in financial distress
 Directors’ duties in uncertain financial times
 Guidance for accountants in public practice: Helping clients with companies in financial distress
 COVID-19: ARITA event cancellations update
 Practice Alert: COVID-19 and personal insolvency appointments
 Practice Alert: COVID-19 and corporate insolvency appointments
 Practice alert: Upcoming liaison meetings
 Case: High Court confirms broad scope of ‘officer’ under Corporations Act
 8 essential steps if your business is in distress
 Submission: ARITA submission on s 444GA consultation paper
 Case: Court applications for appointment as receiver over trust assets continue
 Practice Alert: Insolvency information sheet update
 Case: Court makes orders concerning information sharing and privacy
 Practice Alert: What you need to know about the new illegal phoenixing legislation (Part 2)
 Practice Alert: What you need to know about the new illegal phoenixing legislation (Part 1)
 Trish Talty memorial - Wednesday 4 March
 ARITA Young Professionals Committees EOI
 Case: Remuneration approval for special purpose liquidators
 Practice Alert: New bankruptcy form
 UPDATE: Anti-phoenix legislation commences
 ARITA / AFSA / ASIC Liaison Meeting – 10 December 2019
 Case: Court discounts remuneration claim
 Submission Update: Bills to introduce DINs and modernise business registers pass House
 Code FAQ: Clarification of PSI3 Objections to proposal without a meeting (4th edition)
 Submission: ARITA submission to ALRC corporate criminal responsibility discussion paper
 UPDATE: Combating illegal phoenixing bill passed
 Case: Consent position reached after attempt to replace administrator lands in Court
 Case: WA Court provides guidance on pooling orders in liquidation
 Practice Alert: Recent insolvency research papers
 Vale Trish Talty
 Submission: ASBFEO Insolvency Practices Inquiry
 ARITA Qld Division 2020 AGM
 ARITA SA/NT Division 2020 AGM
 ARITA NSW/ACT Division 2020 AGM
 ARITA WA Division 2020 AGM
 ARITA Vic/Tas Division 2020 AGM
 Practice Alert: UPDATE to status of State Supreme Courts Corporations Rules
 Case: Liquidator succeeds in maintaining legal professional privilege over company documents
 Practice Alert: 4th edition of the Code has started
 Practice Alert: Actual ASIC IFM costs 2018-19
 Case: Judge expresses concern over disbursement approval
 ASBFEO insolvency inquiry highlights need for ARITA’s own Financial Recovery Law Reform Commission
 Further update on ASBFEO Insolvency Inquiry
 Practice Alert: Destruction of books and records
 Case: High Court confirms when property held on trust will vest in bankruptcy trustee
 Court inquiry into liquidator’s conduct
 Reprimands issued for remuneration reporting deficiencies
 Case: High Court confirms trustee's caveatable interest
 Case: Appellate court updates position on exercise of casting vote and lPS and IPR
 Submission Update: Bills to modernise Australia’s business registers back before Parliament
 ARITA Journal: Introducing the fourth edition of the ARITA Code
 Practice Alert: ASIC updates guidance on referrers
 Carnell/ASBFEO insolvency inquiry update
 Case: Disputed debt leads to DOCA being overturned
 Submission Update: Modernising Business Registers Business Advisory Group
 Anti-Phoenix Bill passes House of Reps
 Media reports of reviewing bankruptcy thresholds
 Case: Application to reduce document production categories in public examination
 Practice Alert: Do I need to maintain a trust account?
 Submission Update: ALRC paper on Corporate Criminal Responsibility includes illegal phoenixing
 Code 4th edition training videos
 Case: Court gives clear guidance on the standards required for liquidators
 Practice alert: FEG Recovery & Litigation presentation series – Call for topics
 Video: ARITA Code Training
 Automatic termination of ARITA Membership – Mr David Iannuzzi
 Suspension of ARITA Membership – Mr David Iannuzzi
 Termination of ARITA membership - Mr David Leigh
 Case: Bankrupts’ attempt to injunct trustee fails
 Practice alert: FEG Requests for information - External Administration of Corporate Trustees
 Case: Liquidator successful on appeal in unfair preference case
 Practice alert: Bankrupt pharmacists - Amendments to the National Health Act 1953 passed
 Insolvency lawyers needed for Victorian Legal Services Board panel
 Practice Alert: Liasion meetings - call for items
 Practice Alert: Transparency of business tax debts bill passes the Senate
 Case: Guidance on principles for issue of warrant under s 530C
 Media statement: Disappointment at another insolvency inquiry that misses the real issues
 Expressions of Interest: ARITA Technical Working Group
 Lecture to celebrate 25 years of cross border insolvency law reform
 ARITA Code of Professional Practice Fourth Edition approved
 Practice Alert: ASIC releases updated INFO 29
 Practice Alert: Improved PPSR reporting & guidance – Suggestions invited
 Case: Court approval given to liquidator assigning of all company’s causes of action to Commissioner
 ARITA Journal: The vexed issue of external administrators’ independence
 Disclosure of referrers in DIRRIs
 Cases: Recent cases dealing with illegal phoenix behaviour
 2019 National Conference wrap
 Case: Appointment as receiver of two trusts formerly controlled by insolvent corporate trustee
 Solvent windings up aren’t that straightforward
 Overhaul of ARITA CPE requirements to support diversity
 Case: Purported assignment of security not recognised due to insufficient evidence
 4th edition of ARITA Code - final member consultation
 ARITA National Partners 2019
 Case: Court refuses leave to join insurer to insolvent trading proceedings
 Financial Recovery 2020 – ARITA’s 8-point plan to strengthen the insolvency regime
 Practice Alert: Indexed maximum default remuneration
 Practice alert: New bankruptcy Statement of Affairs – effective from 2020
 Case: Equitable contribution and insolvent trading liability arising from settlement
 Renew or subscribe to ARITA Precedents
 ARITA / AFSA / ASIC Liaison Meeting – 4 June 2019
 Practice Alert: ASIC review of ROCAP
 Case: All creditors are created equal, unless they are related
 Invitation to supply for panel of suppliers to conduct financial capability assessments
 Practice Alert: ASIC Remuneration Project - Form 5022
 Case: Court declines to replace liquidators over independence concerns
 Practice alert: AFSA Registered Trustee forum – Topic suggestions
 Practice Alert: Final ASIC IFM levy estimates for 2018/19
 Case: Court awards costs against insolvency practitioner personally
 Practice Alert: STP information for IPs
 Case: High Court confirms treatment of claims in insolvency of trading trusts
 Cases: Court guidance on the admission of proofs of debt where liquidator in conflict
 ARITA Journal: Leading business coach Jack Crumlin reveals how to identify & nurture top talent.
 Practice Alert: Updated list of ILRA issues
 Spotlight on ARITA National Conference speakers
 Case: Insolvent trading established from failure to keep proper books and records
 Case: Application for access to supporting affidavit for examination summons refused
 Practice Alert: Notice obligations in administrations which transition from VA to CVL
 New 2019-2020 ARITA Board
 Practice Alert: ATO request for documents streamlined process pilot
 Submission: ARITA submission to ALRC on corporate criminal responsibility terms of reference
 Case: ASIC fails in obtaining inquiry into liquidators’ conduct
 ARITA National AGM 2019: Notice of meeting
 Case: Confirmation of appointment of administrators following on majority opinion of directors
 Draft Taxation Determination TD 2019/D2
 Submission: Draft Cost Recovery Implementation Statement: ASIC industry funding model (2018-19)
 Practice Alert: STP reminder and SGC changes
 Practice alert: The importance of contemporaneous file notes
 3 headline speakers announced for National Conference 2019
 Case: Remuneration approval for court-appointed receivers – do not act outside of role
 Case: Federal Court releases reasons in case applying Model Law
 Practice Alert: ASX fact sheet for insolvency practitioners
 Case: Confirmation of approach to s 477(2B) approval to fund solvency report
 Results of Qld Division Committee election
 Case: Full Federal Court maintains trial judge’s exercise of discretion to not grant time extension
 Practice alert: Accessing Xero post appointment
 ARITA NSW/ACT March 2019 Division meeting
 ARITA Vic/Tas March 2019 Division meeting
 ARITA WA March 2019 Division meeting
 2019/2020 WA Division Committee announced
 2019/2020 SA/NT Division Committee announced
 AFSA annual estate return dates for lodgement and payment for 2018–19
 Results of Vic/Tas Division Committee election
 Electronic DIRRIs now possible & other miscellaneous amendments
 Bill to strengthen FEG recoveries passed – amendments give unions standing
 Case: Summary judgment for breach of insolvent trading provisions
 Submission update: Senate reports released on DINs and anti-phoenix bills
 Results of NSW/ACT Division Committee election
 Delegates praise 2019 SMP Conference on Hamilton Island
 Case: NSW Supreme Court confirms approach to remuneration determinations
 ARITA Journal: An inside look at the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy with the Honorable James Peck
 Case: Receivers cleared by Court to make s 561 distribution
 Professional Conduct Committee determination – Mrs Suelen McCallum and Mr Riad Tayeh
 YP Committee applications open: closing 24 Apr 2019
 ARITA NSW/ACT February Division meeting
 ARITA NSW/ACT November Division meeting
 ARITA NSW/ACT October Division meeting
 ARITA SA/NT December Division meeting
 ARITA SA/NT February Division meeting
 ARITA SA/NT October Division meeting
 ARITA SA/NT September Division meeting
 ARITA Vic/Tas December Division meeting
 ARITA Vic/Tas February Division meeting
 ARITA Vic/Tas November Division meeting
 ARITA Vic/Tas October Division meeting
 ARITA Vic/Tas September Division meeting
 ARITA WA January Division meeting
 ARITA March Board meeting
 ARITA 2020: Our strategic plan
 ARITA submissions 2018
 Outcome of constitutional vote
 ARITA submissions on phoenixing and DINs
 Case: Court confirms continuation of liquidator’s appointment after resolution fails to pass
 ARITA / AFSA / ASIC Liaison Meeting – 13 December 2018
 ATO to establish database of IPs for complex insolvencies
 Bankrupt Pharmacists - National Health Amendment (Pharmaceutical Benefits) Bill 2019
 Proposed anti phoenixing amendments introduce to Parliament
 Case: Court guidance on remuneration reports and determinations
 Practice Alert: Clarity on the application of section 509
 Vote on proposed ARITA constitutional changes to improve Board representation
 Practice alert: Scope of operation for changes to restrict related creditor voting rights
 ARITA guidance: Review and assessment of proxies
 Nominations open for 2019 Qld Division Committee
 Nominations open for 2019 SA/NT Division Committee
 Nominations open for 2019 Vic/Tas Division Committee
 ARITA November 2018 Board meeting
 ARITA town hall meetings - book now
 Nominations open for 2019 WA Division Committee
 Practice Alert: 7th Anniversary of PPSR – Expiry date looming for certain registrations
 Nominations open for 2019 NSW/ACT Division Committee
 Case: The mothership lands – insolvency findings in Bias Boating unfair preference proceedings
 Case: Supreme Court of New South Wales confirms that when the Commonwealth asks it will receive…
 ARITA town hall meetings - save the date